(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Dezheng and Mr. Wang Fei are employees of a big state-run company. They both drive to work, and every day they both pass the guard at the company gate. The guard however, treats them very differently. The guard never inspects Mr. Li's car, but every time Mr. Wang passes through the gate, the guard very throughly inspects the inside and the underside of his car.

One day Mr. Li and Mr. Wang arrived at the gate in their company cars at the same time. The guard did not stop Mr. Li's car, but when Mr. Wang's car, which was right behind Mr. Li's car, got to the gate the guard stopped it for inspection. Mr. Li got out of his car and was furious. He raised his fist and was about to hit the guard, "Why do you always let Li Dezheng's car pass without inspecting it and always throughly inspect my car? Has he given you some sort of bribe?"

The guard, surnamed Zheng, told Mr. Wang calmly, "Li Dezheng has not given me anything at all. He would not take even a penny from the company. Because he practices Falun Gong, I am absolutely confident in letting him pass without inspection. As for you, I'm not as confident."

Mr. Wang argued, "But I'm a member of the Communist Party." Mr. Zheng laughed and said, "I have been with this company all my adult life. Pretty much every official here is a member of the Communist Party. Eighty percent of our city's copper and iron is in our company. Which one of our managers can swear that he or she has never taken any copper or iron from our company?"

Mr. Wang was speechless.