(Clearwisdom.net) I read an article in the "Looking Inside" Anthology published in Chinese by Minghui, which told the story of an elderly female practitioner who suffered from leg pain for a long time. Through looking inside, she found that it was the result of an unrighteous thought. After she found the cause, she eliminated it, and her leg pain went away. This story greatly moved me.

In August 1999, I found a tiny cut on my earlobe that itched. I could not help but scratch it often, and sometimes it bled. I thought in my heart that maybe something was controlling me at this spot. I tried to control myself to not scratch it, but I could not find its root cause. This problem has lasted for nine years, and it has even resulted in reduced hearing. I thought about whether it was the old forces' interference, and if sending forth righteous thoughts would eliminate it. I asked myself why it could interfere with me so successfully.

I remembered in August 1999, when the persecution had just begun, the evil Party was slandering Falun Dafa with its fabricated lies. I was watching TV every day, and those lies were entering my mind through my ears one by one. I had one thought, "Even if this Fa is fake, I will still believe it." But soon I could tell the broadcasts were lies, and I no longer had any doubt in Falun Dafa. I firmly believed that Falun Dafa was the truth, and cultivating Falun Dafa was the most righteous thing to do. I went through numerous tribulations. As time passed, I never thought about the cause of my unrighteous thoughts in August 1999.

Later when I read the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," and Dissolving the Party Culture, I recognized the evil Party's nature and methods. I suddenly realized that with that one thought I had nine years ago, I had believed the evil Party's lies, and had never fundamentally cleansed out the field the evil lie created in my mind. That is why the evil Party has been persecuting my body for so many years. The reason it could interfere with me was because I believed its lie at the time. Matter and mind are the same thing. I had not eliminated this poisonous evil spirit that had permeated to a deep place in my mind. I had allowed the evil to dwell in this space, and it used this as an excuse to interfere with me.

I found the root cause, and I eliminated that one thought from August 1999: I do not believe the evil Party's lies; this evil does not have a place in my realm, and it can no longer control me through the surface. I no longer scratch my ear unintentionally, and my hearing has recovered; the skin even became perfectly smooth in no time.

Cultivation is a serious matter. I deeply experienced the power of looking inside. Good and bad can come from one's spontaneous thought.

Written on October 26, 2008