(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Li Xinyi, a 27-year-old female graduate student at the Thermal Engineering Department of the Mechanical and Electrical College, Zhejiang University, located in the city of Hangzhou, in China's Zhejiang Province. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.

I was able to break through China's Internet blockade and reach the Minghui website in April of this year. I was so sad when I saw how Dafa practitioners were persecuted in various parts of China, and that Yu Zhou, a musician and fellow practitioner, had been tortured to death in Beijing. So, in late April, I took advantage of an opportunity in my English class to give a speech about the persecution of Falun Gong.

College administrators then called me into their offices several times, and they even managed to have my father come from my hometown in Gansu Province to try to talk me into giving up my faith. The college administration also arranged to have me fired from my part-time job outside the school. They allowed my father to go home in mid-May.

One day in late May, I was shopping and started a conversation with a security guard about Falun Gong and the persecution. They reported me and I was detained at Cuiyuan Police Station. Policeman Deng Jiming interrogated me the whole evening without giving me any food, and the questioning didn't finish until midnight. The chief of the state security brigade searched the school lab and took away the computer I bought last March. He also confiscated my notes with truth-clarifying phrases written on them. After midnight, policeman Fang Junfeng and two others took me to Hangzhou Detention Facility.

Following 38 grueling days in detention, I was released on bail. College authorities then put me under house arrest in a dorm room. My father was called back for the second time to live with me and supervise me. During house arrest, school security guards Du Yuehui and Wang Yong and two others cursed Master and Dafa right in front of a crowd and me. Twice Du and Wang came into my room to curse Master and Dafa. In protest, I went on an eight-day hunger strike.

In late July, I was transferred to a brainwashing center in Dongmingshan, Anxi Town. There were 11 Dafa practitioners there. Every day the staff at the class played footage from CCTV, China's central television station, slandering Master and Dafa. The videos hurt our hearts and poison those who do not know the truth.

Since I did not cooperate with their demands, Xu Ruhong and Wang Qing, both from the Justice Bureau, brought in a DVD player and forced me to watch the CCTV programs. I wouldn't listen to them, so Ge Lin, an attending staff member, shoved me against the wall, scratching my arm. They insulted me with profanities. They wouldn't allow me to join others in the cafeteria for meals. I went on a two-day hunger strike in protest.

In the brainwashing center, we were shrouded in fear, not allowed to talk with one another or to use cellphones. Ten days before the class was to end, the staff put up posters insulting Master and Dafa. I tore one down. To everyone's surprise, at the direction of the Justice Bureau leaders, security guards started to tear Master's pictures one by one right in front of the crowd and me. They scribbled abusive words on Master's pictures and put them up on the headboard of my bed. Out of sadness and anger, I cried my heart out and fasted for two days in protest. Two or three days later, I stepped out my room in the night and tore down all their posters.

The following morning, Ou Wensheng, a policeman from the Bureau of Public Security of Hangzhou City, and Zhang Junsheng, a policeman from Anxi Police Station, came to my room to question me. They held out a picture of Master Li and set it on fire with a lighter.

The brainwashing session ended in early September. I was given a "last chance" and taken back to school, held in an apartment with no cellphone or computer. I was warned that if I stuck to my faith, I would be sent to a labor camp. I couldn't stand their persecution any more, so I ran away this night and wrote this article.

I learned that staff from the Justice Bureau went on a tour in Wenzhou at public expense as compensation for their work during the brainwashing session.

September 12, 2008.