I. An entire family benefits from practicing Falun Gong

Mr. Zeng Zhaokuan and his family live in a remote village in Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Before practicing Falun Gong, his wife and daughter had poor health and many illnesses. His wife, Ms. Ji Lanrong, had a hard tumor in her lower abdominal area that often caused her pain. Because the family was poor and had to provide schooling for three daughters, she could only afford painkillers or anti-inflammation drugs on some occasions. The oldest daughter often had headaches, dizziness, common colds and neurasthenia. She took a lot of medicine, but didn't see any improvement. Since learning Falun Gong in 1996, Mr. Zeng's wife and daughter experienced better health and their illnesses went away. The whole family lived in harmony.

II. CCP personnel harass, extort money, and take the family into custody

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Dafa on July 20, 1999, this farming family of simple and honest practitioners experienced extortion, detention and labor camp imprisonment.

At the time, Mr. Zeng was the accountant on the village committee. He often faced threats and pressure from government officials, saying his family appealed for justice to higher levels than they should. They were referring to his family's letter to the city government appeals office after April 25, 1999, explaining the family's benefits from practicing Falun Gong. The oldest daughter, Ms. Zeng Xiandong, was arrested and taken to the Mujiaying First Police Station in Songshan District on July 20, 1999 (she had rented a place there at that time). She was illegally subpoenaed by the Songshan District Police Department and threatened that she wouldn't be released unless she wrote a guarantee statement promising to never practice Falun Dafa again. She was detained for a day, after which a manager at her workplace posted bail for her.

At the end of October 1999, the police once again went to Mr. Zeng Zhaokuan's home to harass the family and ransack their house. They confiscated pictures of Teacher Li ,and the second son-in-law, third daughter, nephew and niece were all taken to the local police station. They were beaten with bats, shocked with electric batons and 200 yuan was extorted from each person. Mr. Zeng's oldest daughter refused to sign the guarantee statement and was detained at the Chifeng City Detention Center. She practiced the exercises in the detention center and the guards severely beat her, shocked her with electric batons and hung her up with handcuffs. After more than twenty days, she was returned to the local police station. Afterwards, police often went to their home to harass them.

In 2000 during the National People's Congress, Mr. Zeng's wife and four daughters were arrested on their way to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. The 800 yuan they borrowed for the trip and all of their personal cash on hand were taken by the police. When they returned, the captain of the Songshan District Police Department Domestic Security Division, Liang Zhanting, insulted, punched and kicked them while officer Xue Hongjun humiliated and shocked them with an electric baton. They were detained at the Chifeng City Detention Center for one month. Afterwards, Mr. Zeng's wife and three daughters were taken to the local police station and forced to do labor for a week before they were released. Mr. Zeng's oldest daughter was sentenced to one year of forced labor.

In 2001, the oldest daughter returned from the labor camp. CCP agents often went to their home to harass them. A few people who did not know the truth about the persecution were enticed by reward money and often reported the family's actions. A villager said that a single phone call to report on Mr. Zeng's family could earn them 300 yuan.

Around December 2001, the Chifeng City Police Department, Songshan District Police Department, Hongshan District Police Department and local police station together sent four cars with almost twenty officers, including armed police, to ransack the home of Mr. Zeng. They arrested Mr. Zeng, his oldest daughter, second daughter and son-in-law, third daughter and fifth daughter. They were detained at the Chifeng Detention Center. A month later, all were released except for the oldest daughter, and 3,000 yuan was extorted from them. In March 2002, the local police station went to Mr. Zeng's home and coerced him, his second daughter, son-in-law, third daughter and fifth daughter into going into the city for a meeting. However, the police took them to the Songshan District Detention Center. The next day, they were taken to the Wuyuan City Forced Labor Camp and the Huhhot City Women's Forced Labor Camp. The oldest daughter was sentenced to three years of forced labor, and the rest were sentenced to one year. Six people in the family were put into labor camps. Only Mr. Zeng's wife and the three-year-old child of the second daughter were left at home.

They were subject to repeated brainwashing and forced labor in the labor camps. Because Mr. Zeng suffered so much mental pressure, his blood pressure exceeded 200 for a long period. In December 2004, Mr. Zeng died of stroke.

This family is still harassed on the CCP's sensitive dates by the local (Wenzhong Town, Hongshan District) Comprehensive Management Office and police. Even guards from the labor camps go to their home. Over the past few years, the family has experienced much more persecution than what's written here. This is only an account of what is known.

September 25, 2008