(Clearwisdom.net) Wuhou District Court in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province planned to hold an illegal court session for eleven Falun Dafa practitioners on Saturday, September 27, 2008. The persecuted practitioners are Ding Zeyang, Zhong Fangqiong, Liu Jia, Jiang Zonglin, Liu Bangcheng, Zhu Renbin, Mao Kun, Chen Shikun, Jiang Hongyuan, Mao Yi, and Qin Min.

Early Thursday morning, September 25, the lawyer hired by Mr. Ding Zeyang's family went to the detention center to meet his client. However, he was never able to see hid client, Mr. Ding Zeyang, vice professor in Sichuan University. It was not until the afternoon, that a detention center guard reluctantly revealed that Mr. Ding had been hospitalized for several days. But the guard refused to tell the lawyer the hospital's location. Only after inquiring from many sources, was it learned that Mr. Ding Zeyang was hospitalized in Qingyang District People's Hospital on Wanhe Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu City. In that hospital, many Falun Dafa practitioners have been persecuted to death or maimed. Fang Hui, a teacher in Sichuan University's Foreign Language Department,, almost died in 2003 from persecution in that hospital. Practitioner Zhou Huimin, who was illegally arrested by the Wuhou Procuratorate with nine other practitioners, including Zhong Fangqiong and Ding Zeyang, died from severe persecution in this hospital in March 2008.

Mr. Ding Zeyang's family was shocked upon hearing he was suddenly hospitalized. Professor Ding had always been in good health. Furthermore, at the detention center on September 11, Mr. Ding and his lawyer had a friendly conversation while discussing his intention to plead innocent. During the visit, Professor Ding was in quite good spirits, calm, peaceful, and he immediately agreed with his family for hiring a lawyer to defend his innocence. Ding Zeyang's family is very concerned over his hospitalization. His family is not certain whether CCP personnel were playing their tricks by purposely providing incorrect information. In addition, they worry Professor Ding may have undergone drug injections or other methods of persecution. Currently, his family is demanding the court and responsible departments to release him immediately .

Qingyang District People's Hospital in Chengdu City (Qingyang District Xinhua Community Health Service Center) is a prison hospital assigned by the Chengdu Detention Center to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. It collaborates with the Chengdu City 610 Office and the Communist Party's political and legal organizations to systematically torture and kill practitioners. Many practitioners are persecuted in this hospital by such means as force feeding, and drug injections that damage the central nervous system. Practitioner Zhao Zhongling, only 44 , was persecuted to death in this hospital on May 5, 2007. Practitioner Huang Min, 53 , died from extensive persecution in this hospital on August 15, 2007. Other practitioners who were persecuted to death in Qingyang District People's Hospital in Chengdu City include Deng Jianping, Duan Shiqiong, Chen Guijun, Hu Hongyue, Huang Lisha, Shen Lizhi, and several others whose name are unknown.

People directly responsible for this unlawful court session:
Shui Changbing, presiding judge in Criminal Court: 86-28-82872711
Lei Xing, collaborator: 86-28-82872742
Gou Zhongmou, public prosecutor in Wuhou Procuratorate
Xiao Lizheng and Hu Qiang, "public prosecutor agents"

Wuhou District People's Court in Chengdu City
Lei Xing and Zhou Ji are responsible for cases related to Falun Dafa in criminal court: 86-28-82872742
Dai Wanxu, president of the court session: 86-28-82872966
Shui Changbing,vice president and presiding judge for this unlawful court session: 86-28-82872711

September 26, 2008