(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Recently, the old forces presented me with an incident because I had slacked off in my cultivation. It manifested as an incurable illness that almost took my life. Strengthened by Master and the group of fellow practitioners and their full righteous thoughts, I passed the test of life and death and lived.

Recalling this incident, I am ashamed of and feel sorry for what happened. It caused much burden to other practitioners. I got serious and looked inward at my problems and learned a great lesson. I changed my cultivation attitudes and cultivated more diligently. I want to tell other practitioners of my experience, to illustrate the power of the group cultivation and cooperation, which brought me a second life.

One day at work at lunch time I suddenly felt unwell. I could not speak clearly, or say things in a logical order. Then I lost coordination in my limbs. I felt there was something drastically wrong with me. With great effort I walked to my friend's workplace nearby. My friend is also a practitioner. I admired her and called her my big sister.

While I attempted to explain what had happened, I started losing control of my legs and my mind. Big sister was helping me to a bed, and I could barely sit. I fell to the right side and could not hold my right hand up. The situation was dangerous.

She called several practitioners from her workplace to come over. They sent righteous thoughts around me. By then I had lost consciousness, was in a coma, and became incontinent. Big sister brought me to her home and took care of me. She cleaned me up and changed my clothes. She also fed me, and other practitioners took turns to care for me.

One practitioner saw through her third eye that the old forces in other dimensions had beaten me to the ground with sticks. Big sister and other practitioners reminded themselves that they would rescue ordinary people, and they would certainly rescue their fellow practitioners. They refused to accept the old forces' persecution of our practitioners. With a clear goal and strong belief in Master and Dafa, they came together to send righteous thoughts at my bedside and to banish the interference from the dark minions. They studied the Fa and practiced the Falun Gong exercises until midnight. Those who were unable to be present did the same thing at home. While meditating, Big sister saw dimly two persons with messy hair--each had a hold of one of my arms and they were pulling me forward with my feet dragging on the ground. She saw me shout repeatedly, "I am not going with you!" She reminded others to continue sending righteous thoughts and defying the old forces' arrangements, and rescuing me from the brink of death.

Strengthened by Master and the group filled with righteous thoughts, I gradually awakened from the coma and could eventually walk without assistance. We were all happy and grateful for Dafa and Master's great power and compassion.

The next day my relatives came to me and insisted I must to go to a hospital for a complete evaluation. With an unstable mind, and unable to let go of my attachment, I lost my righteous thoughts before ordinary people and complied. In the hospital I was diagnosed as having had a stroke and required hospitalization. Again, unable to overcome my notions, I agreed to stay at the hospital and submit to regular treatment. In the following days I was given several IV infusions each day. I let myself become an ordinary person; but fellow practitioners did not give up on me. They visited me daily; they reminding me of Dafa principles and sent righteous thoughts. They also brought Dafa books and daily necessary items to me. Sometimes my relatives were not friendly toward them. The practitioners remained tolerant and had great compassion for my relatives.

Finally, comprehending the teachings of the Fa and realizing that for Dafa practitioners such an illness does not exist, my mindset improved, and I did not need medication. I insisted on going home, and my husband finally agreed. I had a CT scan before I was dismissed from the hospital. My mind was firm that I would go home no matter what. The CT scan showed not only the same stroke mass I had before, but also a new area of edema. It seemed the hospitalization made my symptoms worse, so now I had a good argument for leaving the hospital. My husband was speechless.

My sister is a practitioner and brought me to her home where we studied the Fa and practiced the exercises together every day. I was surprised at being unable to recognize many words when I attempted to read the book Zhuan Falun. Looking at the poster on a wall that read, "Falun Dafa is good" seemed to be familiar, but I no longer remembered the meaning. I had forgotten how to do the movements in the five sets of the exercises, but fellow practitioners did not give up on me. My sister and others took turns to read the book with me, word by word, and sentence by sentence. My memory was still short and I could not remember what I had learned. They would repeat things to me patiently, several times. They practiced the exercises with me and exchanged cultivation experiences, which enhanced my righteous thoughts, and I gradually got better. A week after I returned from the hospital I could read the Dafa book on my own, and ten days after, I could live independently and was able to return to my home.

Another practitioner helped to find a Fa study group after I returned. While participating there, sometimes I was unable to keep up with them, but the other practitioners were very patient with me. They would read the Fa out loud and I followed along with them quietly. They helped me to look inward. I found many attachments. About a week later I could fluently read Zhuan Falun.

The illness symptoms recurred when other practitioners and I were explaining the facts about Falun Gong to people. I felt a lack of energy, was short of breath and had a high heart rate. The thought that I might be dying occurred to me, but concurrently another thought emerged, that I should not fear death because I had already obtained Dafa. Practitioners helped me once again. One illiterate elderly practitioner said to me, "We are gods." Her words shocked me and went into the deeper part of my body. It seemed that my body started eliminating a lot of bad substances. I felt strength and energy on the way home. Another practitioner said, "Master determines our fate, if we have faith!" All of their encouragement touched me deeply. Fa study and cultivation exchanges made me comprehend more of the Fa and made me let go of my attachments. My illness symptoms disappeared, and I am back to normal. But something else happened.

Not a long ago I had scabies on my right shoulder and on my back. The accompanying blisters were excruciatingly painful. Practitioners told me to send righteous thoughts to eliminate them. My husband doubted this would work and said, "You should get medical ointment, but you can try your method if you can stand the pain!" My thoughts were firm. I did not care about the cause of this episode; I believed I could eliminate it with righteous thoughts. My only choice is to stay on the path Master has arranged for me. I looked inward again and sent constant righteous thoughts until past midnight. Two days later, my symptoms were gone.

Now, I firmly believe in Master and Dafa, study the Fa diligently, and do the three things, to be worthy of Master's compassionate and painstaking salvation.