(Clearwisdom.net) In the nine years that I've followed Master Li in the Fa-rectification, I have devoted myself to validating Dafa and offering salvation to sentient beings. No matter where I went, Dafa has always been my priority. I had no concerns about sensitive dates and I was not moved by any new events in society. During the Olympic Games period, I went out as usual to distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, to explain the truth to people and to advise people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I've followed Master Li's words to do the three things well, with solid steps. I have had many experiences, especially while going to the residential areas with restricted entrance. In these restricted areas there are many people looking forward to reading the Nine Commentaries. Upon hearing the eager longing in these people's hearts, I was deeply touched. Since then I've paid special attention to going these places to distribute the Nine Commentaries, even though it's very difficult to get into those areas. However, with righteous thoughts and actions, and in order to save the lives there, I was willing to go there at any cost. For the past several years, it did not matter whether it was storming or raining or if it was snowing and icy, I have persisted in going to those places.

People are Longing for the Nine Commentaries

I live in a big metropolitan city, with many universities and highly educated people. In the beginning of 2006, I went to the residential area where high-ranking people from a university lived in order to clarify the truth face-to-face. When I first arrived, there were only two or three people sitting outside enjoying the sun. I went over to them. In the process of my talking to them more and more people came over and they became excited upon learning the truth. Especially, when I talked about the Nine Commentaries, several older professors became very excited. They said that they were old enough to have seen and experienced the Communist Party's political movements and during these movements life was an endless misery for Chinese people! I asked whether they had read the marvelous series known as the Nine Commentaries. They said that they had indeed heard about it and sometimes they had seen it on the Internet. But, because of the web police they didn't dare to read it in detail. They told me that they were looking forward to reading the book and they were longing to read it; then they asked me where they could get the book and whether I could give them a copy. I said, "I have run out of copies of the book today. I will make a special trip here tomorrow to bring you the book."

They all stood up with excitement and said in one voice, "This is great. Thank you! Finally, we 'll have the Nine Commentaries. Tomorrow we'll be here waiting for you."

After these people listened to the truth, they expressed their anger about the crimes committed by the Communist Party. Over a dozen of them very resolutely withdrew from Communist Party and its affiliated organizations on the spot.

When I was about to leave, they were very concerned about me; they reminded me again and again to be conscious of safety and told me not to go inside the high-ranking residential housing and buildings because of the strict monitoring, security guards, gate guards and the patrols. They said, "It is very difficult for us to obtain Falun Gong informational materials here. It is our good fortune today to have met you." I said, "All these things are predestined. I hope that when you finish reading the Nine Commentaries, you can pass the book on to your relatives and friends. This is a marvelous book. Only our Master can explain these things that nobody else has ever explained. Please treasure the book." They kept nodding in agreement and said, "Your Master is really great!"

After returning home, I couldn't calm my mind. The people in those residential areas with restricted access are eagerly looking forward to reading the Nine Commentaries and are waiting to be saved! They are calling from their hearts. My mind was greatly moved and I was also shocked. We have been clarifying the truth and offering salvation to sentient beings for many years, but how could we have overlooked the sentient beings in those places with restricted entry? Those places include the high-ranking residential housing and buildings, the residential areas of the provincial and municipal government institutions, the residential areas of the judicial and public security organs, the military region, university housing, and so on. In those places there must be many lives who took the great risk to come down to this world from high levels. However, these places are the blind spots in our truth clarification and Nine Commentaries distribution efforts! There are relatively fewer practitioners going to these places to clarify the truth. We must do our best to offer salvation to these people; we must break through our notions and selflessly offer salvation to them, and we must create conditions for them to learn the truth and for them to correctly position themselves, so that they will not miss their eternal chance of being saved.

Acting With Divine Thoughts

Since then, I have been totally focused on bringing truth-clarifying materials and the Nine Commentaries to those places. Because those places are considered special, with strict monitoring, security patrols, entrance guards and so on, the day before I go there I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements at the microscopic levels in other dimensions. I ask Master to strengthen me and ask the heavenly troops and Fa-guardian divine beings to help me to safeguard the Fa. When I walked through the entrance, the entry guards were asleep. After I entered, the patrol and security guards there walked right past me and completely ignored me.

To use divine thoughts one needs to completely discard one's fear to achieve righteous thoughts and accomplish righteous deeds. To outward appearances, it looked as if I was the only one offering salvation in this place. Actually there were Master's Fashen (Law Bodies), other righteous gods, and innumerable heavenly troops around me guarding the Fa. Furthermore, Dafa practitioners have supernormal powers given to us by Master. As long as we have righteous thoughts and do righteous deeds, nobody can touch us. The evil counts as nothing.

When I eliminated my fear, I started going into those restricted entrances to hand out the Nine Commentaries. I felt that the path of offering salvation to those people was getting wider and wider and I did not feel the existence of the evil at all. Because I broke through the mentality of fear, strengthened my divine thoughts and my righteous thoughts, I was able to apply the supernormal power Master had given to me at will. In the past several years, under the strictest monitoring, I was able to come and go at will, in and out of those heavily monitored entrances without any trouble.

One time in August, 2006, I went to a tall residential building to hand out the Nine Commentaries and other materials. As soon as I entered the building, one elevator had already gone up. I pushed the button several times but could not call it down. Another elevator was locked. At that time a security guard at the entrance was staring at me. I was carrying a big backpack full of Nine Commentaries CDs. I was very calm and my thoughts were righteous. In my mind I asked Master for help while I sent righteous thought to the locked elevator. In my mind, I told the facts to the elevator and explained that it should cooperate with me to save lives and that it should open the elevator door quickly. I told the elevator that by cooperating with me it would also accumulate virtue and we would be able to assimilate to Dafa together. I told it that it would also have a good future by doing so. As soon as I finished saying this, within one minute the elevator door made a "click" sound , and the locked elevator door opened itself. At the moment I was so excited that tears ran down my face; Master was right next to me. With Master's protection and encouragement, I went to offer salvation to the sentient beings in the restricted entrance areas with a purer mentality.

Through studying the Fa I further understood the urgency of saving lives and thus I have put all my energy and resources into saving lives. But while offering salvation to sentient beings I also ran into many difficulties and interference. The old forces developed all sorts of false situations to frighten me, trying to block my efforts to save lives. Of course I did not acknowledge their arrangements; I rejected these arrangements and continuously sent righteous thoughts to eliminate them.

One time I went to a residential area for the Procuratorate and the municipal-level Youth League Committee. This area has monitors installed at all the major roads and entrances. I sent righteous thoughts to reject them: "I am a divine being and you cannot see me." But I was also clear that I must use wisdom and reasoning, leaving no gaps for the old forces to take the advantage of and maintain a calm mind. When I finished putting out the Nine Commentaries and was coming out of a different entrance, I saw a person reading the booklet that I had just placed there and I saw another person putting a copy of the Nine Commentaries into his bag.

Acting With Wisdom and Reasoning

If I plan to go into a high-rise building to distribute truth-clarification materials, I will go there the first day just to walk through the building and survey the situation without bringing any materials with me. When I distribute the materials, I usually take the elevator to the top floor and begin distributing the materials throughout the top-floor, then I'll move down to the next lower floor, and so on. When I walk into the corridor entrance of each floor I look around carefully in all directions and I set the materials out with a calm mind. I never act with a hasty mentality.

If one's mind is not stable, he should not be in a hurry to go out and he should not do this for the sake of accomplishing a task. We should cultivate ourselves in the process of doing the three things well and we must not pay attention to only the goal of how many truth-clarification materials one has distributed or how many copies of the Nine Commentaries one has distributed. We are not trying to turn this into a grand event; that is not what we want. Instead we should be paying attention to how many of our ordinary mentalities have been corrected in the process of saving people, how many lives from other cosmoses have been saved, and whether we truly believe in Master and the Fa.

Before I go out, I pack the Nine Commentaries in wrapping paper and then put it into a small plastic bag with a Divine Performing Arts VCD. When I leave the bag at the apartment door, I put it at the side of door which is hidden so that only this family would be able to see it while other people could not easily see it. This way it would not be removed by the evil people. If there is no suitable place to put the bag, I would then hang the bag on the door handle. I only leave one bag per floor no matter how many families are on the floor. This way the materials would not be so obvious, and when the family opens their door they can conveniently take the bag in. Several years of experience have taught us to not leave the bags for every family on the floor at the same time; they will be easily seen by the evil people and removed. These materials were made by practitioners with great effort using much manpower and money. There are only limited resources for making truth-clarification materials and we should treasure them. We should avoid wasting even one copy. In order to save as many lives as possible, we should very thoughtfully do things so that each copy of the Nine Commentaries and the CDs we hand out can truly have the impact of saving sentient beings.

There have been several instances where some residents in the building had actually seen me distributing the Nine Commentaries, but they pretended that they did not see me. Some kind people who knew what I was doing have even quietly opened their doors and told me to be careful about my safety. From their words I could tell that their knowing side fully understood what I was doing, and were longing and calling for the truth about Dafa. Master said,

" ... for these people [you are to save] represent immense groups of beings..." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago" on June 26, 2005)

Among these building residents, there are certainly many people representing immense cosmic groups of beings, many kings and many lords. How important it is to offer salvation to these groups of people! Therefore Master keeps postponing the conclusion of the Fa-rectification, waiting for us to find them and offer salvation to these people.

The reason that I have put these experiences into writing is not to show off how much I've done. Master is actually doing everything and it is the power of Dafa at work. I've just done some simple things in this superficial dimension. But to put this in writing is also validating Dafa, and so with the intention of encouraging other practitioners to pay attention to those places with restricted entrance, I've written this. For those places that are extra difficult to enter, we should likewise pay extra attention to go in there to offer salvation, leaving no places omitted and missing no beings with predestined relationships. As long as Fa-rectification has not concluded, there are still chances for sentient lives to be saved and we must figure out ways to offer them salvation!

September 19, 2008