(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Bilian, a native of Yueyang City, Hunan Province, is 68 years old. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. However, during the ten years that she has been a practitioner, she has been arrested eight times and has suffered brutal torture.

On March 5, 2008, about 7 to 8 policemen from the Louqu National Security Team of Yueyang City, Lengshuipu Police Station came to Ms. Liu's residence with a guide Li XX (a former Party official) from Gangjiawangyue Village of Beigang Township. These thugs broke into Ms. Liu's residence, took Falun Gong books and other materials, also a brand new DVD player, a new coat and a pair of new pants. They also took her keys and lived in her residence for 18 days to watch her. They ate at her residence, consuming everything that she had. Then they fabricated some pictures to show that she distributed Falun Gong materials to people with her home as the background to use as "evidence" against her.

On March 5, the policemen locked Ms. Liu up at Lengshuipu Police Station. Her hands were cuffed to a chair and she was forced to sit this way for the entire evening. On March 6, she was detained in Yueyang City Dongting Hotel. Falun Gong practitioners Sun Pinghua, Hu Heping, Xue Zhongyi, Yao Dahua, Zhou Yongbing, Shen Chunfang, Zhou Xiangbao, Fu Dongxiue, Ding Tongting, Zhang Jian, and Shan Bopei have also all been detained here and have been brutally tortured. When Sun Pinghua was detained here on March 19, her hands were cuffed, while the policemen kicked and punched her severely. Furthermore, they pushed her down to the floor, and then dragged her outside by the handcuffs. As a result of this the ligaments in her knees were torn and her left hand was disabled. After the brutal beating practitioner Hu Heping suffered there, he began to have a liver illness as well as other illnesses, and he passed away on August 7.

Ms. Liu was interrogated for four days and nights, and was then detained at the Yunxi Detention Center for 87 days. She staged a hunger strike to protest. The prison guards took her to Changling Hospital in Yuehua but found no problems with her. After that, they threw her on the floor in a secret room on the top level of the building, and inserted a pipe for oxygen pretending to give her oxygen. When the guards and the doctor all realized that she was on the verge of dying, they made up a story. Among the thugs was the director of Yunxi Detention Center, Li Weizhen who said, "Ms. Liu is from the countryside, and is therefore illiterate. Very few of her relatives have come to see her." The doctor then pinched her philtrum and other acupuncture points to see if she would react. Someone pointed at Liu's lower back and said, "Just cut here. The organs inside here are very precious. We can just throw her body outside. Nobody will care."At that moment, Ms. Liu opened her eyes and saw the operation table. When the policemen and the doctor saw her eyes open, they said, "She was just playing dead." After that, they tried to carry her to the operation table, but she refused to be carried there and said that she did not have any illnesses. Nevertheless, they still tried to put her on the table. She firmly said, "If you really do this, I will open the window and shout for help." Upon hearing this, the thugs became frightened.

After they took her back to the Yunxi Detention Center, Ms. Liu continued her hunger strike to protest against the inhuman persecution. Eventually, the authorities at the detention center had to let her go home on bail for medical treatment.

During the days that the Olympic Games were taking place, the policemen searched everywhere for Ms. Liu. Because of this, Ms. Liu has been forced to leave her home and travel around homeless and destitute.

This elderly woman has been arrested eight times simply because she lives according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Currently, she does not even dare to return to her own home. This is the reality of the what the CCP boastfully calls a "harmonious society."

Written on September 18, 2008