Learning How to Use Righteous Thoughts

By Fa Ling

I am a farmer and a Dafa practitioner. I began cultivation in 1999, but I have not been able to look at things with righteous thoughts. Anytime I encountered an issue I looked at it first based on my human notions.

I used to catch cold easily. Since I started cultivation, although I no longer suffered from dizziness and headaches I would still get a runny nose; other than that I have not suffered much and believe that Master has helped me eliminate my karma. After getting up one morning in August this year I felt chilly and thought the weather was getting cold and I should put on more clothes. I commented to my husband that this might be karma elimination again. Unintentionally, I went along with the old forces' arrangements and felt even colder with an additional layer of clothes. Right then, I remembered that other practitioners often encourage us to look at things with righteous thoughts in their Minghui Weekly articles, encouraging us to use our divine side. That made me immediately realize my human notions, and made me feel I let down Master's benevolent salvation. I changed my attitude, reminding myself that I am on the way to divinity, a practitioner walking on the path to a divine world; I decided I would completely negate the old forces' persecution. Then I removed the extra layer of clothes and felt as if a thick shell had come off and I felt great. I truly experienced Master's constant presence, to protect us and guide us.

I wanted to write this to share with fellow practitioners, but also felt that I do not cultivate well enough and was afraid of being laughed at. But after today's Fa study I abandoned my fear and wrote this down. Please point out anything inappropriate.

2. My Mother Experiences the Greatness of Dafa

By Shen Qi

I began cultivation in August 2007 and experienced many miracles in that one year.

My mother is 74 years old. She used to suffer from many illnesses. One day in June 2008, I read Zhuan Falun to her. She said, "Stop reading, or you will get arrested by the Chinese Communist Party!" I said, "Let me read it to you," and I read it out loud. She said, "Lower your voice! Lower your voice!" When I finished the first lecture I asked her if she could understand it. She said that she could. I asked her why she no longer asked me to lower my voice. She said, "It is a good thing. We do not need to be nervous." Later on I taught her to practice the exercises. She said her hands felt better than before. Mother use to have to stop and rest four times on the way from the market to her home. Now she no longer needs to take a break in between. In the past it was hard for her to go to sleep at night. Now she can easily fall asleep. Her toothache is gone, too. Dafa is so miraculous.

My mother has become healthier every day. We are so thankful to Dafa and to Master's benevolent salvation.