(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yun Fuqi, 53, lives in Heihekou Village in Tianmen Township, Heilongjiang Province. He was subjected to inhuman tortures while he was held at the Zhanglinzi forced labor camp. Prison inmates tied a big screw nut to a rope, then repeatedly swung the nut at Mr. Yun's head really hard, causing more than 20 wounds to his head. He was also put into a "strict discipline team" for Falun Dafa practitioners for over a month He was brutally beaten every day. As a result, he suffered about a dozen bone fractures in his body.

On April 27, 2008, Mr. Yun was arrested while he was clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa in Deshan Township. He was cruelly beaten in the Deshan Police Station. Afterwards, he was transferred to the Fanzheng County No. 2 Detention Center where he held a two-week-long hunger strike to protest his illegal detention. He was then transferred to the Fanzheng County No. 1 Detention Center on May 12.

Mr. Yun has been detained in the 6th Ward of the Fanzheng No. 1 Detention Center. The director of the detention center instructed some guards and inmates to brutally torture him. Inmates kicked Mr. Yun down to the floor in front of the guards, and accused Mr. Yun of starting the fight. One inmate stripped off Mr. Yun's underpants. The inmates also plucked Mr. Yun's eyebrows and pubic hair, and put the body hairs in Mr. Yun's food and forced him to eat them. Under the guards' instruction, Mr. Yun's ribs were broken from the severe beatings. The severe tortures also caused Mr. Yun to pass out. The torture was still going on as this article is published.

We would like to call on people of justice to strongly condemn and stop this heinous abuse.

Personnel in Fanzheng County who have taken part in this heinous crime:

Wang Wencheng, CCP Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary: 86-451-57116997 (Office), 86-451-57116000 (Home), 86-13763408666 (Cell)

Du Juntang, 610 Office member: 86-451-57116040 (Office), 86-451-57122956 (Home), 86-13904665358 (Cell)
Ouyang Jiangsheng, 610 Office member: 86-451-57116731 (Office), 86-451-57128131 (Home), 86-13136682711 (Cell)
Zhao Jiaqi, Police Department Director:86-451-57123145