(Clearwisdom.net) On September 18, 2008, when the police took Mr. Ou Jiafa away again, he had not yet recovered from injuries incurred as a result of being tortured in the Hunan Huaihua Brainwashing Center. Currently Mr. Ou is being held in a detention center.

Mr. Ou, 60 years old, is a Falun Gong practitioner in Xiongshoushan, Chenxi, Hunan Province. Before he studied Falun Gong, he was an alcoholic, often took advantage of others, and his health was poor. After he obtained Dafa in 1996, he gave up the excessive drinking and held himself to the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He became healthy, treated others with kindness and helped those in need.

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Dafa publicly in 1999, Mr. Ou was detained for several weeks in the Chenxi Police Station. In 2002, Chenxi police officers Xie Kaiji, Liu Yong (now the deputy chief), Liu Shuqin, Xiao Minfu, and others arrested Mr. Ou and robbed his family of their valuables. The shock of the raid led to the death of Mr. Ou's wife, who was seriously ill. Mr. Ou was tortured in the police station by Xie Kaiji and others.

In July 2002, when Mr. Ou and more than ten other practitioners took part in group Fa study, they were reported secretly and arrested by Xie Kaiji and others. Mr. Ou and Mr. Liu Shenghua were sentenced. They were imprisoned in Changdejin Municipal Jail, forced to do slave labor for more than ten hours every day, not allowed to practice Falun Gong, and were subjected to violent brainwashing. They were not released until 2005.

In 2006, Mr. Ou was threatened and harassed many times. Under orders from the Political Committee, members of the 610 Office and officers from the Chenyang Town Police Station broke into his home by kicking in his door. They searched the home and found several Dafa books and pieces of truth-clarification literature, so he was arrested and imprisoned.

In September 2007, members of the 610 Office and officers from the Chenxi County Police Station arrested Mr. Ou and took him to the apartment building of the Yingkou Town Printing Company in Huaihua, which is the location of the Huaihua Brainwashing Center. Later on, a doctor examined Mr. Ou and declared that he was ill. Those in charge forced Mr. Ou to take drugs that destroyed his central nervous system, which caused him to drool, walk slowly, and speak unintelligibly.

Those responsible include:

County Chinese Communist Party Committee Secretary Yi Yi: 86-745-5233223
County magistrate Yang Xiaorong: 86-745-5233726, 86-13874592666 (Cell)
County Chinese Communist Party Committee Deputy Secretary Li Yueliang: 86-745-5243783, 86-13874577977(Cell)
The former County Chinese Communist Party committee deputy secretary in charge of the Chenxi Political Committee from 1999 to 2006 was someone who directly persecuted practitioners. National People's Congress Director Tang Xiaojun: 86-13907457186 (Cell)

Political Committee Secretary Xie Jingsong: 86-13907457165(Cell)
Political Committee Deputy Secretary Zhang Yunjie: 86-13874455166(Cell)
Political Committee Deputy Secretary Hu Song: 86-13607456493(Cell)
Director of the 610 Office Zhai Xiaoming: 86-13787556333 (Cell)
610 Office Deputy Director Luo Jianhe: 86-13107151338 (Cell)
610 Office Deputy Director Tan Meihua: 86-13874492777 (Cell)
610 Office: 86-745-5229610
Chief of Zhangjiaao Police Station and former chief of National Security Team Yu Qinqchang: 86-13973083342 (Cell)
Deputy Chief of the National Security Team Xie Kaiji: 86-13973076095 (Cell), 86-745-5231698
Instructor of the National Security Team Liu Qijun (former chief of Zhangjiaao Police Station)
Chief of the National Security Team Gong Zhiren: 86-13874520817 (Cell)
Former instructor of the National Security Team Xia Dong: 86-13974565870 (Cell)
Deputy Chief of the National Security Team You Xinli: 86-745-5232543, 86-13807457277 (Cell)
Deputy Chief Xie Jiuwen: 86-745-5232543, 86-13607415299 (Cell)
Deputy Chief of the police station Liu Yong: 86-745-5226698, 86-13607414998 (Cell)
Chinese Communist Party committee of police station Xiang Mingxia: 86-13707457262 (Cell)
Former Deputy Director of the 610 Office Li Huimeng: 86-13874551055 (Cell)