(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners who have recently gone through tribulations probably all have had the realization that, in our cultivation, especially with the intense pressure after the persecution began, we unconsciously and repeatedly set different kinds of limits for ourselves. On the surface, it looks like we have gained some experience in living as a human being and forming human notions. But fundamentally, it's the old forces' delicate arrangements, layer upon layer; it's their huge tests and tribulations that have been arranged for us that have made us unable to break through the principles of the old universe.

Looking back at how I started my small information materials site, it was truly a process of breaking through the limitations of the old me little by little, and finally walking on the righteous path of Fa-rectification cultivation.

I remember in the very beginning, I didn't have a clear and definite sense that I should start a materials site. But I saw that we were very much in need of DVDs and VCDs that could clarify the truth very powerfully. Every time, the elderly practitioners had to endure hardships and go to many places to find materials--it was not easy. Sometimes in emergency situations, the only materials site in the area was very busy and could not handle the load, so the elderly practitioners had to run around everywhere to find materials. When I saw this, I wondered if I could do something to help fill the gap. In fact, this was the manifestation of my true nature wanting to harmonize the Fa. However, my existing resistant notion was also rearing its head: "Now if you have a computer at home, it will be used as 'evidence,' and the evil will persecute you. You don't even know how to turn the computer on and off yet and now you want to make the DVDs? Those with technical experience have said that you need to download big files, and it's really not safe if you're not up on the technology." Then the original nature side of me thought: "What I don't know, I can learn. If it's truly not safe, that's all the more reason I should go ahead and do it . At least I can share the danger. If I actually have a problem, it will not affect the real materials site, so it will not affect the larger area." (Of course, now I know this was also not a genuine righteous thought, and was still within the framework of the old forces. But it shows the process of cultivation, because improvements in understanding are gained in cultivation little by little.)

We all know that when you think about something or enlighten to something, that is what you ought to do. Because what we think about or enlighten to is not ourselves thinking it, it's Master and all the deities giving us a hint that it should be done this way. Then we, of course, should break away from all the interference and resistant notions and do all of these things well and wholeheartedly, without worry. At the same time, we should get rid of our shortcomings in the process of doing things. "But it is very hard to vanquish thinking and notions acquired after birth, for that is what cultivation is all about." (Zhuan Falun-Volume II) Even though I have understood the principle, in the process of doing it in detail, human notions still create all kinds of barriers. For example, because I was worried that my family wouldn't agree with what I wanted to do, I used the idea of buying a birthday gift for my child to ask a friend to buy the computer.

Now, looking at the master disc that I made with such care and recalling the tens of thousands of truth clarification discs that have been sent to so many families, I have many feelings in my heart. I really can't begin to imagine how much of Master's attentive care was in this endeavor, because I basically could be considered as self-taught. I didn't find any practitioners that knew technology well enough to teach me. Yet, when I encountered problems that I couldn't solve completely with my abilities, miraculous hints would make me enlighten instantly, and everything was readily solved. I believe many practitioners have also experienced this and feel the same way.

Now I have helped a few other practitioners start family materials production sites. We can say that, in our small region, we blossom everywhere.

Today I have written about this because I wanted to tell the practitioners who have a heavy heart of fear in this aspect, "Don't be limited by your imagination anymore. Have you realized this is an old forces' arrangement that is controlling you? Think of me, starting from the very beginning, because I had concerns, too. I had to practice the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts behind my wife's back. Now, if I don't send forth righteous thoughts at the given time, my wife reminds me to do it. At first I didn't dare to break through the Internet blockade in front of my wife; today she watches me send statements to quit the CCP! I didn't dare to let my family know that I had a printer and now I can print materials in front of them. Step by step, I broke through all kinds of interference!

Just as I was writing this experience sharing paper, the evil interference made itself known once again. It created an illusion in my chest that was extremely painful. I felt the pain when I typed on the computer. This also made me remember how, at the beginning when I was learning how to use the computer, my right wrist hurt so much it was very hard for me to operate the mouse. However, isn't that evidence that the evil itself is afraid? Isn't it explaining that what we did was right? We are following Master's arrangement, so the evil is afraid and interferes with us. If we are boxed in by the limits in our heart, aren't we in fact following the old forces' arrangements?

In fact, many of us (including myself) are all very clear that the notion hardest to break through is "fear." That is also the magic weapon that the old forces have used to firmly control us. Some people say, "I was born timid." Then, have you thought about that? Didn't Master say that we all came here with heavenly courage? We dared to come down here, isn't that proof that our courage is as big as the heavens? Master has explained the Fa so clearly. Even if you are really timid, then shouldn't you get rid off it as you cultivate? Didn't we come to validate Dafa? Master has made arrangements for us to get rid of all attachments. If every practitioner would harmonize and do well on the little portion that he/she has enlightened to, wouldn't that be a manifestation of the gloriousness of the Fa?

Written on July 21, 2008