(Clearwisdom.net) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1998, and it has been ten years since I became a practitioner. This is the first time that I've written an experience sharing article, and realizing this fact was surprising to me. Since I was young, I've always had good writing skills, from writing elementary school essays to research papers in college. I also did well in writing things at my company. However, for some reason, since I started cultivation, I have written very little. Whenever I tried to write experience sharing articles, I would encounter difficulty. The difficulty did not lie in my inability to express myself, because once I started writing, the things I wanted to express were almost overwhelming. In fact, I didn't even know where to start, but once I started, I felt that there was so much to say that I wouldn't be able to summarize it. Thus, I would always give up halfway through. When I searched for the reason, I realized that it had to be something to do with my xinxing. Since what I was trying to write were cultivation experience articles, this block must be related to my cultivation level and state. What I was feeling while I was trying to write the articles was obviously also a direct reflection of my cultivation state. The process of writing such articles is also a process of cultivation. If I could persist and write my experiences down, I would definitely improve in my cultivation. I realized that the key factor is whether I am diligent.

Not writing or being unable to finish an experience sharing article is a reflection of not being diligent enough. In ancient times, people who were cultivating would keep diaries and take notes, recording the day's events and how one handled them. The main purpose was to review the response the cultivator had to a situation and reflect upon whether it was right or wrong. In the process one would be cultivating xinxing and morals. I feel that practitioners should also adopt this good habit by writing experience sharing articles on a regular basis. For example, one could write one article a week. This will help to make us more diligent. Once this becomes a habit, it will be difficult not to be diligent. This is because each time we write an experience sharing article, we are actively looking inside ourselves and searching within. This is a process that cannot be rushed. This is also a process whereby one calms down and looks inward.

If we have certain understandings, we should of course write them down at any time. However, it is better if one could persist in writing on a regular basis. The benefit of doing this is that it will give the person a chance to sort out what he has done well and help point out shortcomings and attachments. This will then become an opportunity whereby one can rationally and systematically take the initiative to meet certain standards. This is similar to cleaning up the house and putting things in order on a regular basis. If we tidy up our things on a regular basis, it will not be easy for dust and dirt to accumulate. Our attachments will be discovered before they become bigger, and thus larger losses can be minimized. Writing experience sharing articles on a regular basis is a process of cleansing oneself on a regular basis.

For practitioners who do not take part in group activities and are cultivating alone, writing experience sharing articles on a regular basis is especially important. On the one hand, this process will help one to be diligent, and on the other hand, this can promote a rational mindset and not let a certain attachment grow. Most importantly, we should read the articles published on the Clearwisdom website and submit our own for publication. This is a form of putting oneself into the group cultivation and experience sharing environment, so we should place an emphasis on this. In fact, every day before we go to sleep, we should review what we have done throughout the day and reflect on whether we have done well the three things that Master requires of us. We should assess if we have slackened off in any area. As for those practitioners who have difficulty writing, they can do a mental review and then discuss with other fellow practitioners. This is also good practice.

It takes diligence and endurance to persist in writing experience sharing articles. If we can frequently write such articles and sort out our thoughts and cleanse them on a regular basis, perhaps many problems could be avoided. Our cultivation would also be more rational and clearheaded. Then the evil would be unable to take advantage of our loopholes. If I had realized the importance of writing experience sharing articles from the beginning and had persisted in doing so, I might have done much better. Our cultivation should become more simple as we cultivate. It is similar to cleaning a house regularly. Once all unnecessary items are removed, everything is in its proper place and is clean and tidy. If today's trash is not allowed to hang around until tomorrow, then garbage will not accumulate. Master requires that we do well in all areas so that we can achieve a high standard. This does not only mean studying the Fa. Studying the Fa helps to give us guidance in cultivation, but if we do not follow the Fa's standards in our actions, this will not do. When I reflect upon my ten years of cultivation, I now realize that I frequently emphasize one thing at the expense of another.

I feel ashamed when I think of my past cultivation. I should have written many experience sharing articles that would have validated the Fa, but I did not. From today onwards, I will be strict with myself, and I also suggest that fellow practitioners write experience sharing articles on a regular basis. Then we will be frequently looking inwards and cleaning ourselves up on a regular basis. While we are writing the articles, we will be rectifying many things. If we feel that we are in a poor cultivation state and are unable to calm down, why not try picking up a pen and writing a experience sharing article. Perhaps we will achieve unforeseen results.