(Clearwisdom.net) I gained new understanding from practicing the Falun Gong exercises, and would like to share with fellow practitioners.

I experienced severe sickness karma for a long time. It was difficult for me to maintain the wheel-holding position while standing. When performing the "Holding the Wheel Above the Head" exercise the day before yesterday, my leg convulsed and my shoulders became quite heavy. I could hardly hold the position any longer, so I began reciting the exercise verse silently, and thought "'Shenghui Zengli(1)' - the wheel-holding exercise can improve my physical endurance; I can do it; Teacher, please strengthen me. 'Rongxin Qingti(2)' - where do I harmonize the heart? To harmonize it within the Fa. When the heart is melted into the Fa, our body will become light." Just after that thought, my shoulder became light and my leg was no longer convulsing. I stretched my legs slowly and felt that my whole body was moving up gradually, as if I were weightless, and felt extremely comfortable. It was exactly as the verse said - "Simiao Siwu(3), Falun Chuqi(4)." This feeling lasted till the end of the wheel-holding exercise.

I knew that Teacher was encouraging me and telling me that only if we completely melt into the Fa during the exercise, can our benti(5) be purified and then transformed. I have done the exercises for several years, but I treated the verses as slogans. I never thought about their meaning, only knowing that it was a key to interacting with high-level dimensions. Teacher showed me that the verses also contain Fa for us to cultivate to a higher level. I went through all the verses in my mind and found that each contains character requirements for us: "Shenshen Heyi(6), Dongjing Suiji(7)," "Xinci Yimeng(8)," "Rongxin Qingti," "Xinqing Siyu(9)," "Youyi Wuyi(10)," "Sikong Feikong(11)," and etc. They tell us not to think of other things while performing the exercises. Instead, completely follow the character requirement set by Teacher, put the whole body and soul into the exercise, only then can the exercise produce the result of "Jinghua Benti(12)," "Shenghui Zengli, Rongxin Qingti," to reach the enlightened people's level that is "Dingtian Lidi," "Tongtian Cheidi, "Fanben Guizhen(13)," and "Dongjing Ruyi(14)."

One of the main reasons that I had been ill for a long time was that I had many other thoughts and was not harmonized with the Fa when doing the exercises. Since Teacher provided me with a hint, my health has dramatically improved. I wrote this article, in order to help other practitioners who are in similar situations as myself.

The above is just my understanding at my current level. Please point out my shortcomings.


(1): ("shung-hway zung-lee") Wisdom is Enhanced and Powers Strengthened.
(2): ("rong-shin ching-tee") The Heart is Harmonized and Body Lightened.
(3): ("szz-meow szz-woo") As if in a Wondrous and Enlightened State.
(4): ("fah-lun choo-chee") The Falun Begins to Rise.
(5): ("bun-tee") One's physical body and the bodies in other dimensions.
(6): ("shuhn-shuhn huh-ee") The Mind and Body Join Together.
(7): ("dong-jing sway-jee") Move or Become Still According to the Energy Mechanisms.
(8): ("shin-tszz ee-mung") The Heart is Kind and the Will is Strong.
(9): ("shin-ching szz-yoo") The Heart is Clear Like Pure Jade.
(10): ("yo-ee woo-ee") As if With Intent, Yet Without Intent.
(11): ("szz-kong fae-kong") As if Empty, Yet Not Empty.
(12): ("jing-hwa bun-tee") The Body is Purified.
(13): ("fahn-bun gway-juhn") Returning to Your Original, True Self.
(14): ("dong-jing ru-yee") Move or Become Still With Ease.

September 18, 2008.