(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I was not in a good state of cultivation, and I failed to pass several tests. Later I came to understand some things and wanted to share them with fellow practitioners.

Giving Up Attachments

I faced many setbacks while learning how to clarify the truth on the Internet. I was very happy when things were done successfully, but I was depressed immediately when things didn't go well. I experienced these feelings many times. My heart was light or heavy depending on the circumstances. During this time, my computer frequently broke down, and I wondered why it was so difficult for me to learn something. This thought was immediately followed by my wondering why I was so unhappy when faced with difficulties and yet so happy when everything was going right. Would a practitioner who cultivates well or a divine being who is assimilated to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance be influenced by favorable or unfavorable conditions? No, absolutely not. I should treat everything that comes to me with righteous thoughts and handle difficulties as a good chance to improve myself and expose my shortcomings. Only everyday people are in pursuit of comfort and favorable conditions. My problem is that I just wanted to live well and find comfort in everyday life. From the surface it seemed to me that I met with difficulties because I was saving sentient beings. However, Teacher said that our personal improvement is always of the first importance. I realized that it was time to get rid of my attachment of seeking favorable conditions.

Doing Small Things Well

I read an experience sharing article by a fellow practitioner, and I realized that as practitioners, we should handle everything in our daily lives with rational thoughts, take everything seriously and do things well. We shouldn't have the mentality of just getting things over with. At the same time, we should not be overly picky. We should just do things well from our hearts. We shouldn't think that we can just get this thing or that thing over with in our everyday life because it is unimportant. The attitude is key. We should do everything well, even things like washing clothes, cleaning the house, and helping others with little things. Though these are small things, they reflect a practitioner's xinxing level.

Practicing Forbearance

Recently I have come to realize that for everything that we come across, every thought that surfaces in our minds, and every single word that we say, everything reflects the element of forbearance within us. From the Fa, I have realized that forbearance includes enduring the toughest hardships and humiliation, giving up attachments, maintaining xinxing, as well as many other aspects. We should show forbearance with our bad thoughts until they are eradicated from our minds in accordance with the Fa. I realized that everything encompasses the element of forbearance. Did I forbear when I was irritated by other people's actions and words? Did I forbear when I watched filthy things on TV, a website or on the street? Did I forbear when I was jealous of others? We are in the state of forbearance only when we can follow the Fa principles.