(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Chunhe from Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province has been detained in the Zengcheng Detention Center for two months. Although the authorities are well aware that Ms. Zhang has a life-threatening illness and is in serious condition, they refuse to release her and have filed charges against her.

On July 23, 2008, officers from the Zengcheng 610 Office and the Xiyuan Police Station arrested Ms. Zhang Chunhe at her workplace and took her to the Chatou Brainwashing Center in Guangzhou City. After they did a physical exam to determine Ms. Zhang's state of health, they denied her admittance because the exam showed that she had multiple life-threatening tumors. Ms. Zhang was released on July 24, 2008.

On July 25, 2008, officers from the 610 Office went to Ms. Zhang Chunhe's home. They ransacked it, seized Falun Gong printouts and her computer, and arrested her again. Ms. Zhang has been detained at the Zengcheng Detention Center ever since.

The physical exam in the detention center showed that Ms. Zhang Chunhe had tumors and her body was swollen with edema. She was in such bad condition that six people had to carry her to the detention cell. The officers from the 610 Office admitted that one of her tumors was as big as a baby's head and was life threatening. They attempted to coerce Ms. Zhang's family to sign the permission forms for her to have an operation many times, but her family refused.

Ms. Zhang's family has made repeated requests for her release. The agents from the 610 Office continue to reject their requests. Furthermore, the agents threatened to arrest her family. Overseas practitioners heard about the situation and called the 610 Office demanding justice. The officers became a little scared under the pressure. Afterward, when Ms. Zhang's family went to the 610 office, the agents said that the case was not held in their office but at Xiyuan Police Station. When the family went to Xiyuan Police Station, they explained Ms. Zhang's health condition, demanded Ms. Zhang's release, and asked for the responsible party. The officers there said, "We and the police department will be responsible for any contingency." It is said that the police have filed charges against Ms. Zhang Chunhe and intend to send her to prison.

All of Ms. Zhang's family members are under surveillance. Their phones are tapped. Ms. Zhang's father is more than eighty years old. He fell sick under the strain of Ms. Zhang's arrest, and was taken to a hospital in Guangzhou City for emergency care. On that emergency trip, the police continued to follow the elderly gentleman.

Even before this incident, Ms. Zhang and her family had to endure persecution. As far back as 2000, Ms. Zhang Chunhe went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong. She was arrested and sentenced to forced labor. After her release, she was forced to flee home to avoid harassment from the Zengcheng 610 Office. Subsequently, her husband divorced her.

Officers from the Zengcheng Political and Judiciary Committee, 610 Office, and Domestic Security Section have been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners for many years. Directors of the 610 Office, Zhong Baochao and Wang Jianlai, have been very active in the persecution. Following is the persecution status of three other recently-arrested practitioners.

Mr. Chen Maohua was arrested by agents from the Zengcheng 610 Office on July 23, 2008. He is being subjected to brainwashing in the Guangzhou Brainwashing Camp.

Mr. Lai Borui was arrested on May 8, 2008. He has been detained in the Zengcheng Detention Center since then.

Ms. Yang Xiaolan came to the mainland from Hong Kong with her husband on July 22, 2008. She was arrested near the Dongpu Shopping Center on July 24 and imprisoned in the Tianhe District Detention Center. Officers at the police station, where Ms. Yang's Residence Permit is registered, told Ms. Yang's husband that Ms. Yang would be released after a fifteen day detention term. But after fifteen days, on August 9, 2008, agents from the Zengcheng 610 Office took Ms. Yang Xiaolan to the Guangzhou Brainwashing Center directly from the detention center.

Contact information of the guilty parties:

Zhong Baochao, deputy secretary of Zengcheng Political and Judiciary Committee, director of 610 Office: 86-20-32851 (Office), 86-20-82638678 (Home), 86-13809283208 (Cell)
Wang Jianlai, deputy director of 610 Office, 86-20-82723 (Office), 86-20-82622833 (Home), 86-13923372833 (Cell)
Mai Chunhua, director of Xiyuan Police Station of Zengcheng City, which is responsible for the persecution of Ms. Zhang Chunhe: 86-13902330136 (Cell)
Song Zhongzhong, political instructor of Xiyuan Police Station of Zengcheng City, which is responsible for the persecution of Ms. Zhang Chunhe: 86-13902331193 (Cell)
Li Hanhua, political instructor and deputy director of Shitan Town Police Station, which is responsible for the persecution of Mr. and Mrs. Lai Borui (Li played a main role in the persecution): 86-13922382222 (Cell)
Li Dakuan, director of Zengchen Detention Center: 86-20-82752158, 86-20-82152158

September 27, 2008