(Clearwisdom.net) It is reported that officials from Tangshan City Procuratorate arrested Li Zhengzeng, the former director of the Qian'an City Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on September 3, 2008. The arrest was related to a gambling case that involved 90 million yuan.

Li Zhengzeng was transferred to the Qian'an Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to be the director in the second half of 2005. Since three practitioners worked at the bank, at his first all staff meeting, he threatened that he would not tolerate any of his employees practicing Falun Gong. In October of 2007, before the CCP 17th National Congress, over forty practitioners were persecuted in Qian'an City, the three practitioners working at the bank were among them.

At approximately noon time on October 9, 2008, Wang Yinjun, the bank office section chief, led police officer Ha Fulong and other police officers from the Qian'an City Police Department State Security Division and went to Ms. Wan Yonghong's workplace, one of its bank deposit branches. They arrested her, then ransacked her home and confiscated some of her personal belongings. They took Ms. Wan to the Qian'an City Police Department. Wang Yinjun and the bank deputy director, Qin Zhaohua had dinner with the police officials at the company's expense. Afterwards, Ha Fulong and two other police officers brutally tortured Ms. Wan. They shocked her with electric batons for more than two hours. After dark, they took her to a brainwashing center. At night, when Ms. Wan tried to escape from the window, she fell from the fourth floor and was severely injured, with several fractures. She had to stay in bed for more than five months and she is still not able to take care of herself even now. Her family had to spend nearly 70,000 yuan on her medical expenses. Not only did her company refuse to pay her medical expenses, but they also stopped paying her salary.

Two days after Ms. Wan's arrest, the other two practitioners employed at the bank, Liu Xiaoyuan and Yuan Chunlin, were arrested and their homes were ransacked. Their personal belongings were confiscated. After the practitioners were taken to the police department, they were shocked with electric batons. They were sent to the Qian'an City Detention Center on that same night. A month later, they were transferred to the brainwashing center for further persecution.

The officials from the Qian'an City Police Department had reported the detained practitioners to higher level officials in the Justice Department. They did this to request that the practitioners' receive forced labor sentences, but their requests were rejected. However, in order to fire these practitioners from their jobs, the bank officials colluded with the police officials and eventually sentenced practitioner Liu Xiaoyuan and Yuan Chunlin to forced labor. Their job contracts were canceled. All three practitioners had been working at the bank for 20 to 30 years and had been recognized as good employees. The bank director, Li Zhengzeng, deputy director Qin Zhaohua and section chief Wang Yinjun should be held responsible for this unjust treatment of the practitioners.

September 26, 2008