(Clearwisdom.net) As of New Year's Day 2008, the number of people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its two affiliated organizations passed the 30 million milestone. To support the 30 million courageous individuals who have chosen a bright future for themselves by casting off the bounds of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP), people from five cities in Canada held a joint celebration. The five cities were Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton.

Since the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, an array of events to support quitting the CCP has spread around the world. People have come to understand the vicious nature of the CCP and to welcome a new era, free of the dictatorship.

The Lotus Performing Arts Troupe performs in celebration of the withdrawals from the CCP

Toronto resident and computer engineer Michael speaks at the rally

Ms. Sheng Xue, Vice-president of the Federation for a Democratic China

Pedestrians and passersby carefully read the truth clarification materials

On December 30 2007, people from five major cities of Canada joined hands in Toronto's Chinatown in an activity to "Support the Wave of Quitting the CCP, Now at 30 Million; Welcome an Era When Everyone Has Awakened." More than ten supporters from various occupations spoke at the rally, and commended the Nine Commentaries for its rational analysis and ability to awaken people's consciences. The speakers also shared some stories of what has gone on behind the withdrawals, the impact on Western civilizations of the 30 million withdrawals, how the current number of withdrawals is equal to the Canadian population, and the imminent destruction of the CCP based on the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe communist regimes.

On the occasion of this milestone of 30 million withdrawals, many overseas Chinese people in Canada also voiced their support. A former recipient of the Canada Award for Excellence expressed his understanding and personal agreement with the choice to withdraw from the CCP. He said that, for decades, the minds of Chinese people have been manipulated by the CCP, and they have never really been given the opportunity to truly make their own choices. "Yet today, so many Chinese people are thinking rationally and making the decision to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. It is a remarkable act."

A rally supporter also shared his thoughts about the trend to quit the CCP. He considered it an indication of whether or not Chinese people will advance toward the future, and that it has eternal implications on future generations. For the Western world, he thought it implied the complete elimination of the Communist regime, which has been the source of massive catastrophes for all Chinese people, who comprise one fifth of the world population, as well as for the world during the last century. He said that the Nine Commentaries is a ticket into the future for all good people in the world.