(Clearwisdom.net) Rina Foster is an employee at a public relations firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. She attended the January 21 performance of Divine Performing Arts' 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Las Vegas Hilton Theater.

"I think it's a great show," she said about the Spectacular. "It's very educational, and I think that it's important for it to come to Vegas, because we don't have a lot of educational, cultural shows here."

When asked what she thought most people thought about the show, she said, "I think everybody loved the show, as it was very different from what they thought it was originally going to be. I think a lot of them didn't expect there to be drummers and more of a whole ensemble."

Rina said that many things about the show, including the large-scale production, were definitely beyond the expectations of the audience. She was also glad to hear that over 99 percent of audience feedback for the show was positive.

Indeed, Rina was so impressed with the Spectacular that when asked to pick one performance she liked the most, she said, "Goodness ... I liked them all!"