(Clearwisdom.net) On January 21, 2008, Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, was graced by the Chinese New Year Spectacular, presented by the Divine Performing Arts New York Company. After enjoying an evening of pure, authentic Chinese culture at the luxurious Hilton Theater, audience members expressed their joyful feelings to the reporter.

A Las Vegas audience enjoyed the premiere show by the Divine Performing Arts

Lions Club-Las Vegas Branch President Mr. Chen Yuhua and his wife

Sal Parascando, his wife and their two children attended the show


Kathy Sun, an administrative assistant of a taxi company

Simon Chen, a Chinese from Malaysia

Lions Club President: The show has profound meaning

Lions Club-Las Vegas Branch President Mr. Chen Yuhua and his wife attended the show. Mr. Chen said what impressed him most were the beautiful stage backdrops. He said that they were unique and they made people feel as if they were part of the story. Mr. Chen said that all the performances in the program were excellent. His favorites were the dances that included drums - "Drummers of The Tang Court," and "Resounding Drums."

Mr. Chen has been living in Las Vegas for four years. He said it was rare to see such a good performance in Las Vegas. There have been some Chinese performing arts troupes here in Las Vegas, but Mr. Chen said that if those performers came to watch this show, they would definitely long to be part of Divine Performing Arts!

He added, "All the pieces in the show contain very deep inner meaning, such as the 'Lady of the Moon.' These stories are very, very good. There was also the story of Yue Fei. Yue Fei's loyalty to his country was very moving. China needs such spirit! If we had this kind of national spirit, the Chinese people could truly stand out in the world. Seeing the Americans around me applaud so enthusiastically, as a Chinese person, I'm very proud of them [the Divine Performing Arts Company]."

Mr. Chen's wife Ms. Jiang Ruqi was very interested in the choreography of the dances. She said that the dance, "Water Sleeves," expressed gentleness, while "Drummers of the Tang Court" expressed masculinity. She felt that the combination of gentleness and masculine strength was very good. She also loved the songs, saying that tenor Hong Ming's singing was very, very good.

Western Audience Member: We enjoyed their performance

Sal Parascando attended the show with his wife and their two children. They were seated in the first row. Mr. Parascando said that the show taught their children how to appreciate Chinese dance. "I was surprised to see that they loved the show so much," he said. He then added, "My wife and I loved it, too."

Mr. Parascando's entire family enjoyed the dance with drums. Mr. Parascando also appreciated the story of "Lady of the Moon." As for songs, he said, "I don't understand Chinese, but I was reading the lyrics on the screen. These songs have profound meaning. I thought it was very good. The baritone was terrific - very, very good."

Mr. Parascando's daughter Alicia is in the seventh grade. She enjoyed the dances with the celestial maidens.

Jerry Beattie and his wife Jackie Beattie attended the show together. Mr. Beattie liked the "Mongolian Cups" dance while his wife thought that all the dances were wonderful, particularly the dances with women dancers. She felt that their dances were so elegant, and she enjoyed their performances very much.