(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year Spectacular was staged at the Sony Center in Toronto on January 18-20, 2008. In this premier theater in Toronto, a venue which can hold four thousand people, there were many Chinese faces in the audience.

Ms. Liu said, "I liked Guan Guimin's songs. I used to hear him sing when I was in China and liked him then. This is very exciting! I told my friends that the show was not only a visual treat, but also a heart-shaking experience. Especially the drum dance, which left me burning with righteous feeling. I saw more Western faces than Chinese in the audience. It is the best way to introduce and spread the Chinese culture."

About the piece that portrayed the persecution of Falun Gong Ms. Liu said, "I didn't know much about the persecution before I left China. I found out after I came abroad. The program today about the child being persecuted is unthinkable. I used to take materials distributed (by Falun Gong practitioners) on street. I am very touched today after seeing the program. They sacrifice everything to make those materials!"

Dr. Yang, who practices Chinese medicine, told the reporter, "This is the first time I have ever seen a show by the Divine Performing Arts. It was thrilling. The show portrayed authentic characteristics of our national culture. It shows the essential Chinese spirit to people around the world."

Mr. Su, who has done historical research at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for many years, said, "This show has absolutely nothing in common with the CCP culture of conflict and brutality. It is about classic Chinese culture. The main thing is that the CCP doesn't recognize human nature. It denies human nature in its educational system. It never teaches why we are human, what humans are, and where humans are from."

Ms. Zou said, "It was gorgeous! It was beyond my expectations. I was very touched because they have put so much effort into portraying our traditional morality. It was an outstanding artistic achievement." Ms. Zou highly praised the program about Falun Gong. When she heard that the Divine Performing Arts of New York and the Divine Performing Arts touring company would jointly stage the Chinese New Year Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York, Ms. Zou said she would love to see it again.

Many Chinese audience members expressed their sincere gratitude to the Divine Performing Arts:

"I hope they will continue their great job and show our authentic, outstanding and beautiful traditional culture to the world!"

"They have a great future!"

"Congratulations! Great success! I will come to every show!"

"Many thanks for bringing us this refreshing show!"

"I hope they will have more such shows here! Everyone should see it if they have a chance."

"How wonderful it would be if the show could be staged in Beijing!"

Young peoples of Chinese origin said they, too, hoped for more shows

"We would like to thank them for their hard work!"

"Please tell the artists to keep up their great job! We hope they will make the show better and better, help spread the Chinese culture, and tell the world about the rich culture and long history of China."

"I really liked the piece about 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance!' It is such a beautiful show! I certainly want to see them again!"