(Clearwisdom.net) Born to Chinese parents in the Philippines, Mr. Hong Shizhong has lived in Toronto, Canada, for 38 years. He is the president of the Chinese American Association of Metro Toronto. Hong, a loyal fan of Divine Performing Arts, has seen the New Year Spectacular every year that it has been presented. This time, he and his wife went to the show shortly after they returned from Taiwan.

After the show, Mr. Hong was very excited and said, "The quality of the show is even better than last year. I was impressed that so many in the audience were Westerners. This is very important. For the Spectacular to attract so many Westerners to enjoy our traditional culture makes me very proud and excited. For so many places in the world to host the Divine Performing Arts' show proves how good it is."

Mr. Hong thought it was "a miracle" for a performing arts company based in New York to increase its audience base from 200,000 to 650,000 in just one year. "For those who have faith, they can understand that it is power from heaven and way beyond our human abilities. We as humans can only do what we can, but the situation today is th result of heavenly intervention."

Hong also believes that the Chinese New Year Spectacular is creating a global interest in Chinese traditional culture and that it also foretells the tremendous future of Falun Gong. "If the Chinese Communist Party refuses to stop the persecution of Falun Gong, it is digging a grave for itself. On the surface, the CCP looks very fierce, but it is actually very weak inside. A lot of information that has leaked out has showed this."

Mr. Hong and his wife said they were going to invite their children to the show. "We will baby-sit their children so that they can see it."