(Clearwisdom.net) After watching the video "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners", I was speechless. Master has suffered and done so much for Dafa disciples. As a disciple, only if we cultivate genuinely, diligently do the three things well, truly take on our responsibilities as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, and give up everything for saving sentient beings will we not disappoint Master and sentient beings.

1. Learning How to Cultivate Dafa--Directly Targeting One's Mind

Recalling the cultivation path I have been on for nearly ten years, I have indeed endured great hardships and suffered a lot. Once I even felt gratified that I was steadfast and solid as a rock in my faith in Master and Dafa. Looking back now, I see that, when I was confused, I spent too much time on the path that the old forces arranged and went to extremes. I wasted a lot of precious time not studying the Fa and saving sentient beings. Catching up with the Fa-rectification and continuing Fa study, my understanding of the Fa has been improving constantly. In the past, it seemed I was very diligent in doing the three things--studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and doing a lot for clarifying the facts. Sometimes I even slept only three hours a day, and it seemed I was willing to bear hardships. However, when I encountered conflicts, I always pushed them aside and did not look inward. I was attached to self and wanted to validate myself. Therefore, I lost many opportunities to get rid of my attachments and to improve my xinxing. I often felt sleepy when I studied the Fa, could not hold my palm straight when sending forth righteous thoughts, and was unable to finish work at the truth-clarification materials production site in a timely manner. I felt that everything made it very hard for me to cultivate.

The universal Dafa that Master taught is to directly target one's mind. As long as we study the Fa with a calm mind, look inward, assimilate to the Fa, and genuinely cultivate, it will actually be easy to cultivate. Because we cannot always cultivate in the Fa and have human notions, we encounter difficulties during our cultivation, which is the fundamental reason why we suffer persecution. If all of us actively assimilated to the Fa, eliminated human notions, had righteous thoughts, and utilized divine thoughts, the persecution would stop immediately. There would be no need to spend so much time and effort to save fellow practitioners, because Fa-rectification Dafa disciples would have no tribulations. Master has bestowed upon us the responsibility of saving sentient beings. Master has changed the defective old universe to allow the beings there to assimilate to the Fa and enter the new universe. Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period need to create a path for humans to enlighten and become gods. We followed Master to this world in order to assist him in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. No beings in the universe are worthy of interfering with or testing us. Currently, our responsibilities are to save sentient beings. Because we have attachments that have not been eliminated, the evil factors use these loopholes and we suffer hardships that we should not suffer, which affects our efforts to save sentient beings. We ourselves have been the cause of many of these things because we didn't do well. Here I am writing down my experiences for fellow practitioners to learn from and to make fewer detours in their cultivation.

2. Putting Our Hearts into What We Are Doing--Having Sentient Beings on Our Minds

Through calmly studying the Fa, I realized what we are based on, and whether we put our hearts into it directly affects whether we are saving sentient beings or destroying them. We should put our hearts into our work, such as collecting truth-clarification materials or producing copies of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," and we have to pay attention to the quality of these materials and the mentality of people.

Last year, a fellow practitioner in Beijing brought us an excellent copy of the Nine Commentaries. We all touched it admiringly. The practitioner told us that they had received good feedback with the book, especially among high ranking officials and professionals. When fellow practitioners clarified the facts to them directly and gave them the book, they said that it must have been printed overseas. They would pass it around and boast, "I have a copy of the Nine Commentaries from overseas."

Fellow practitioners from Beijing were very responsible and helped us to order materials and taught us how to make similar copies. However, at that time I had the attachment to selfishness when I did things. We gave up after we had made only several books, because we were afraid of trouble and the quantity involved. We changed and made smaller-sized books with the excuse that they were easier for fellow practitioners to carry and distribute. In fact, we pandered to our attachments to ease and comfort, and did not think of sentient beings and of saving them. This was the result of our selfishness. Later I read an article in the "Minghui Weekly" in which a fellow practitioner mentioned the same issue. I enlightened and awakened.

This time, we put our hearts into it and paid close attention to the quality of the book. We wrapped the finished copy of the Nine Commentaries with glossy paper that had flowers printed on it. The paper only cost several cents a piece. Fellow practitioners gave the books to their friends and relatives, and we received good feedback. They were very happy and said the words in it were very clear and the book was very professional. However, I noticed that many fellow practitioners still haven't started to do this, even after seeing the book and agreeing that it is of good quality. I think they may have the same issue we used to have.

If we all do well the things we should do, put our hearts into it and keep sentient beings in our minds, we will fulfill our mission to save more sentient beings and follow Master and return to our original homes.

January 9, 2008