(Clearwisdom.net)At the end of August 2007, Falun Gong practitioner Ms.Jia Minying went to Huideying Village and distributed truth clarifying materials. She was illegally arrested after being reported (Note: Huideying Village is the hometown of Ma Tiezhu, the head of The National Security Group. The truth clarifying materials that she distributed included content that exposed Ma Tiezhu's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners). Later, she was imprisoned in the Dingzhou City Detention Center where she was cruelly mistreated. Ma Tiezhu and Zhao Shaohua, who are the head and the vice head of the National Security Group, and one other person locked Jia Minying into a small room, and took turns violently beating her, trying to force her to reveal where she got her truth clarifying materials. They said while beating her, "Ok, refuse to tell? Nobody would know if we peeled off your skin and took out your tendons!" The police beat her for one hour. Duan Jianping tried to force Jia Minying to shout "Greetings, my boss" to them, but instead she shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" Duan Jianping then used a stick to whip the back of Jia Minying's hand, which became very swollen and is still purple.

While being beaten by the police, Jia Minying often felt sharp pains in her head, and she also had pain all over her body and could not take in any food afterward. Her blood pressure was extremely high. Many police, including Ma Tiezhu, then threatened to force-feed her if she did not eat any food. In December, the police took Jia Minying from Dingzhou City, Hebei Province to the Hebei Provincial Women's Forced-labor Camp where they refused to accept her because she failed the physical examination. After leaving the camp, several people, including Ma Tiezhu and the driver, locked Jia Minying in a room and severely beat her. They violently kicked and stomped on her head and body. They beat her until she passed out. Seeing that she was dying, one of the attackers said, "Let's just take her to the crematorium." Another attacker grabbed her hand and found that she still had a pulse, so he propped her up against a wall and pointed at her between her eyebrows and said, "We'll beat you to death if you don't tell us [where you got the truth clarifying materials]!" The police were afraid that she would die while she was with them, so they took her to the hospital. Later they released Jia Minying after extorting over ten thousand yuan from her family.

Currently, Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Xu Tongyan (who is about sixty years old) in Liqinguo Town, and Mr. Cao Zhenchuan in Nangaopeng Village are still illegally imprisoned in Dingzhou City Detention Center. In December, Falun Gong practitioners Zhao Jinru, Hao Cuiqin and Wu Yanguo were unlawfully imprisoned in Hebei Province Shijiazhuang City Women's Forced-labor Camp. Bian Liangjing was illegally imprisoned at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. Wang Yueqin, Zhang Shouying, and Shulian were released after having over eight thousand yuan extorted from them.

People who are responsible:

Wang Jianhong, the vice head of Dingzhou City Public Security Bureau: 86-312-2316008(Office) 86-312-2316785(Home) 86-13803262338(Cell)

Ma Tiezhu, the head of National Security Group, Dingzhou City Public Security Bureau: 86-312-2333016 86-312-2322202 86-13333127197(Cell)

Ning Zengjie, the political director of National Security Group, Dingzhou City Public Security Bureau: 86-312-2313984 86-13082366055(Cell)

Li Tiezhu, the vice head of National Security Group, Dingzhou City Public Security Bureau: 86-312-2327076 86-13903129263(Cell)

Zhao Shaohua, the vice head of National Security Group, Dingzhou City Public Security Bureau: 86-13931215289(Cell)

Zheng Gengshen, the head of Dingzhou City Detention Center: 86-13933201565(Cell)

January 1, 2008