(Clearwisdom.net) When I began practicing Falun Dafa, I was still in elementary school. Except for family members, I almost never contacted other practitioners and there were no other practitioners my age. So I was alone on my cultivation path. Because my family was persecuted during my cultivation, it made my cultivation environment very difficult.

With the arrangement of benevolent Master, I gradually contacted other practitioners. We studied the Fa and improved together. The environment was very precious to me. In group Fa study and communication, I found many of my attachments as well as many good qualities of practitioners. On the other hand, in group Fa study and experience sharing between fellow practitioners, Master arranged many opportunities to assist others, to use knowledge learned in ordinary society to discuss Dafa. Along the way, I appreciated benevolent and great Master very much because he helped me to stay in sync with the group.

Study the Fa diligently and attachments will fade away

Frankly, after obtaining the Fa so many years ago, I realized the time used to cultivate is very limited and the time needed to get rid of my attachments is very short, too. I once thought some of my attachments could not be gotten rid of at all. At the beginning of the persecution, I followed my family members to validate Dafa and my family members were illegally detained. Other family members who did not practice criticized and complained about me. They did not understand Dafa and even disrespected Dafa. I also suffered persecution from those family members. Facing the pressure as a middle school student was almost too much. I asked Master from my heart when it would end.

When Master's article, "Towards Consummation" was sent to me, as I watched the lines of characters, I was in tears. I never thought I could validate Dafa or step forward. But when I sent out the first truth-clarifying VCD, when I wrote the first letter, when I posted the first poster, when I first walked into the gates of those departments, before that moment I never believed I could do it. But Dafa made me able to do it. And now I believe increasingly that Dafa can truly change me into a better being, a being in the new universe. By studying the Fa, the attachments which I thought were rock-solid and would never be gotten rid of, are fading away. Looking back, those attachments which once entangled me, and those behaviors which resisted Dafa vigorously, after I walked through them, I see now that they were nothing.

I Experienced the Power of Righteous Thoughts

It was after I upgraded myself by studying the Fa and cultivating myself that I truly felt the power of sending forth righteous thoughts. I felt for the first time that an enormous power was sent out from my body, frightening the evil in the universe. It impressed me deeply. After that I paid more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts.

I remembered once when I sent forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 in the morning, all was quiet. I sat on the bed, after cleansing myself for five minutes. At the moment I raised my hand, I saw suddenly that countless swastikas flew from the center of my palm to the universe, and the evil was all eliminated once they reached there. With the lotus flower palms, I saw countless lotus flowers flying out of my palms to the sky, clearing all the dirt, with only clear streams remaining. Those lotus flowers surrounded practitioners who were illegally detained, sending out uprightness and a fragrance, and eliminating all the evil. The scenery astonished me. I realized then that the supernormal powers Master gives his disciples can disintegrate all the evil which has negative effects on Fa rectification and Dafa disciples.

As well as sending forth righteous thoughts at fixed times, I also send forth righteous thoughts throughout the day. In the communication on Minghui recently, many places began to install NTDTV, and I added a thought to promote the installment of NTDTV and eliminate all the evil interfering with this event. Several days later while on a bus, I saw a television that was broadcasting programs which taught people how to install satellite dishes. I was very excited then and felt the power of righteous thoughts.

I appreciate the saving grace of benevolent and great Master and all the effort made by fellow practitioners. I will be more diligent, and step forward bravely.