(Clearwisdom.net) As Divine Performing Arts' Chinese New Year Spectacular won warm praise from the audience in Montreal, people expressed different reasons why they enjoyed it so much.

Mr. La Sherene is an employee of the theater. He said, "I like this show very much because it contains various types of art. For example, the costumes, from the color, design, material to the dances themselves, they show you the culture of China's 5000-year history. It has real history in it. And the background, the story, all come from China. I really love it. It shows you the Chinese culture, shows people what China is and what China used to be like. It tells people that Chinese culture is beautiful, with a pure heart. I like it.

My favorite is the Mongolian dance, the one with bowls (on the dancer's heads)."

Jenese is a project manager at the construction company Vertex. She was particularly impressed by the hosts. "I liked the two hosts very much, especially the gentleman. For a westerner to speak such fluent Chinese is very impressive. I didn't know much about Chinese culture before, and through their introductions and then the performances, (I learned about) Chinese values. The whole show was a good production. Very unique."

Serge runs an import export business. During the intermission, he said, "The show is very good, magnificent in fact. I am eager to watch the second half. I am in the import and export business, so I have a lot of contact with Chinese people. This is my first Chinese show. It's a very good one. I would recommend it to everyone."

Serge said that he liked the last program the most, but he couldn't remember its name. He said that he could only describe the show as "awesome, beautiful."

Mr. Joseph Gasabji is a salesman. He liked the two female singers the most, as well as the drum program. "All the programs are so good, I am speechless totally." he said.