(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a fellow practitioner in our area was suddenly arrested by the police, and her house was also monitored and ransacked. When the news spread, local practitioners immediately notified each other of the arrest, and they cooperated with one another and sent forth righteous thoughts as one body. Some practitioners went to notify the family members of the arrested practitioner (her children); some informed the practitioners in surrounding areas so they could join in sending forth righteous thoughts and in the rescue efforts; some went to relevant departments to gather phone numbers; some others posted the news and exposed the illegal arrest on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website within the shortest possible time. We cooperated with one another and took action to rescue the fellow practitioner, demonstrating the strength of one body.

When the fellow practitioner was being detained at the local police station, her husband (also a Dafa practitioner) and her relatives immediately went to see the police officers who were directly involved, to clarify the facts to them. At the same time, they demanded that the police release the practitioner straight away. The arrested practitioner also closely followed Master's teachings and kept clarifying the facts to the police with great compassion, telling them about cases of good being rewarded with good and evil meeting with retribution. She told them, "The mask of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been laid bare and its death knell has tolled; you must no longer play the role of the scapegoat for the CCP." At the same time, some practitioners went to send forth righteous thoughts at close range. Due to Dafa practitioners' cooperation as one body, the evil was greatly shaken and the evil force was clearly reduced.

During this rescue effort, we drew lessons from our experience of rescuing another practitioner last year. We got rid of our tendency to quarrel and our blind submission as well as the strong pursuit of specific results. We fully realized that as long as we keep strong righteous thoughts, hold a firm belief in Master and in the Fa, unconditionally look within, deny the evil persecution, intensify our efforts in clarifying the facts and eliminate the evil at an even deeper level, it is as Master said, "...we can transform any problem into a good thing--bad things can be turned into good things." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore," August 22&23, 1998)

We put into action what Master told us: "The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington D.C. Fa Conference", July 22, 2002). After the practitioner was arrested, even though we had already sent an initial report to Clearwisdom.net, we continued to gather further evidence against the local police and the relevant phone numbers, and we quickly exposed them on Clearwisdom.net. Throughout the same night, we also made some CDs and posters that presented these facts. We firmly held one thought: "We won't discontinue our efforts until the practitioner is released. Wherever the practitioner is, that is where we should clarify the facts until the evil is disintegrated, sentient beings are saved and the detained practitioner returns home safely."

After we learned that the practitioner had been taken away in a police car and after full discussion and coordination, we decided that practitioners who were not in a position to leave home should keep sending forth righteous thoughts intensively, focusing on specific targets, while the majority of practitioners in our local and surrounding areas should go to the Domestic Security Brigade as a group to clarify the facts. Because we acted as one body with strong righteous thoughts and righteous action, the police did not dare to look us in the eye, and they tried to shift the responsibility to each other. They did not dare to admit what they had done. The Dafa practitioners warned them sternly: "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will meet with retribution. Whoever persecutes good people will suffer an ill fate." A policeman who participated in the arrest could not face the strong pressure and shouted, "Don't blame me! It's really awful being squeezed in the middle." We felt sorry for him. In order to calm him down, we told him that he must never do such things again and should choose a good future for himself.

Through clarifying the facts face-to-face, the hostile attitude of this policeman quickly disappeared. He was clearly moved. Under the strong righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners, the evil factors behind him were dissolved. He said, "Don't say any more. If Dafa is good, then you can practice at home." With this, he left quickly.

With the reinforcement from Master, the persistent efforts of Dafa practitioners as one body and the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of the arrested practitioner, she was able to break out of the evil den in seven days. Furthermore, on her way home she was able to persuade a policeman to quit the CCP. The rescue process not only eliminated the evil factors in other dimensions, it also effectively frightened the local evil forces. At the same time, we also experienced the power of cooperating as one body.

We did not become too engrossed with obtaining a successful rescue this time, and we deepened our understanding of the Fa principle that "One should gain things naturally without pursuing them." ("Learning the Fa," Essentials for Further Advancement) We realized that, on the surface, our rescue efforts were to stop the evil persecution of fellow practitioners, but the true objective was to save all those with predestined relationships that we came across. We regarded the opportunity to rescue a fellow practitioner as an opportunity to clarify the facts and, at the same time, dissolve all evil beings and factors in other dimensions that were controlling those who were persecuting Dafa practitioners. Our purpose is to assist Master in the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. So long as we get rid of human notions, are not attached to the result, keep our focus right, closely cooperate as one body and clear-headedly and rationally do well what we should do, then we shall be able to walk well the last section of our paths arranged by Master.

December 4, 2008