(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Huai from Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment at the Baoding City Prison in 1999. Because Mr. Wang Huai has persisted in his cultivation of Falun Dafa, he has suffered brutal torture for several years.

On August 29, 1999, a group of policemen from Hongqilou Police Station invaded Mr. Wang Huai's home and arrested him and several other practitioners in his home. In order to receive rewards, the former chief of Qiaodong District Police Department, Mr. Yan Zhiyou, and Deputy Chief Mr. Ma Fuwei made a report to the municipal police department and interrogated each of the detained practitioners. The practitioners were individually taken to the brainwashing centers in the Qiaoxi District Party Academy and the Qiaodong District Party Academy and were brutally persecuted. The practitioners were threatened with imprisonment if they didn't give up the practice of Falun Dafa. The practitioners were deprived of sleep and were forced to watch videos slandering Falun Dafa and Master Li. During the day, they were forced to stand in the direct rays of the sun and were deprived of food. The police besieged and insulted them, tried to force them to write a guarantee statement, and made video recordings of them to fabricate for television broadcast. Five practitioners were detained and six were imprisoned. The remaining practitioners were released after being fined 1,100 yuan each.

In the winter of 2001, Mr. Wang was illegally arrested by the Hongqilou Police, who had used wiretapping and tracking methods. The police handcuffed him and then brutally trampled on his handcuffs, causing serious bleeding and extreme swelling of his arms. They then wrapped his head in a bed sheet and dragged him downstairs to take him to Hongqilou Police Station. He was later taken to the Qiaodong District Police Squad where he was subjected to cruel torture in an attempt to force him to make a confession. He was tortured with the Tiger Bench. After one week of imprisonment at the Qiaodong District Police Squad, he was transported to the Xuanhua City Detention Center.

While Mr. Wang was imprisoned, police officer Li attempted to confiscate Master's articles from him. Mr. Wang was struck by Officer Li, who falsely accused Mr. Wang of striking him. Mr. Wang was then sentenced to seven years of imprisonment in Zhangjiakou Prison.

For the first three and a half days of his prison stay, the police, as well as the prison inmates, beat Mr. Wang Huai and unceasingly insulted him. Mr. Wang was then taken to Baoding City Prison where every day he was forced to view television programing that slandered Falun Dafa. He was forced to endure brainwashing and endless "reform" attempts. Mr. Wang remains in the Baoding City Prison and continues to suffer inhumane torture.