(Clearwisdom.net) I was unemployed before finding a job at a private company with around two hundred employees two years ago. At that time, my child was ten months old and I had this one thought, "How great it would be if there was a company right in front of my house so that I can go to work!" I even imagined the location of the company. Teacher arranged everything; a company was eventually built at the exact location I had imagined. I began my path of Fa rectification from there.

I was busy when I started working. I thought to myself that I needed to conduct myself like a Falun Dafa practitioner should. I worked very hard, didn't seek personal gain and treated others kindly. I had almost twenty supervisors, all of whom trusted me. My job was to examine raw materials. I processed over 10 million yuan worth of materials every year. Nonetheless, I had no intention to illegally profit from it. Everyone had a high opinion of my personality and skills. I wrote "Falun Dafa is good" on every bulletin board in the company. Employees who knew the truth of Falun Dafa did the same.

Since my first day at work, I considered saving sentient beings and helping Teacher with Fa rectification to be my responsibility. Soon, everyone in the company knew that I was a practitioner. Whenever I clarify the truth about Dafa, I always have one thought, "I must save this person." Normally, I could persuade the person to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after a short conversation. I encountered no fear or interference while clarifying the truth and helping people quit the CCP. Most people who knew me also learned about the beauty of Dafa.

In a private company, employees come and go frequently. I see it as those who know the truth leaving so that those who don't know the truth can come in to be saved. Dozens of my colleagues have learned the truth about Dafa, and almost all of them have quit the CCP. I don't remember how many colleagues I have worked with in the past two years. On the surface, people respect me and my work, and they trust me. In reality, it is the immense compassion of Dafa that is saving them.

Teacher gave every practitioner this kind of power long ago. My fellow practitioners, let us maintain our pure, compassionate thoughts. For every being we save, Teacher will have one less person to worry about.

Please kindly point out any mistakes or inadequacies in my understandings.