(Clearwisdom.net) One morning a few days ago, while I was shopping in a farmers market area, I came across a fellow practitioner who was selling sticky bean buns from a three-wheeled cart. She also had a carton holding truth-clarification materials. Whoever came to buy buns got a pamphlet from her. The state of mind she had was so calm, so unhurried, so amiable, and so obliging that my heart was really touched. So, I stepped forward to buy a bag of buns from her. She gave me a truth-clarification flyer. I said, "Young lady, it's good to read this, very beneficial." I smiled, "In fact, I'm just like you, a practitioner." She looked at me in surprise, "You are! That's really great!" We started chatting.

She told me that she had started passing out truth-clarification materials a few years ago. During that time, the persecution was still very serious, and she was also a "key person," so the pressures appeared to be intense from all directions. However, she thought, "Since I am a Dafa disciple with a righteous and solid belief in Teacher, and I am rectifying the Fa righteously and saving sentient beings, any persecution is definitely and completely unjustified." So, for many years now she's been quietly doing what a practitioner should do.

One time, for the sake of saving more sentient beings, with her three-wheeled cart full of truth-clarifying pictures and materials, she held up a banner that read, "Falun Dafa Is Good," with one thought in her mind, "Let more people know that Falun Dafa is good and help more people understand the true facts about Dafa." She kept sending forth righteous thoughts, asking for Teacher's help. A crowd of people gathered around her, saying, "Look, Falun Gong is reversing the trend! Hurry, look what's written here." Within only a few minutes, all of the truth-clarifying materials were taken. Since then, off and on, more people have asked her for materials.

Another time, one of the evil officials in charge of persecuting Falun Gong in the area (he had many practitioners persecuted to death) came and stood in front of her cart, shouting and scolding, "What are you doing with these things here?! Hurry, take them away!" She firmly said, "These good things can't be taken away!" She then continued clarifying the truth to him, and asked him not to persecute Falun Gong practitioners any longer. This evil man walked away dejectedly, knowing that he wasn't on the right side. After that, every time he passed by that area, practitioners approached him and told him the true facts about Falun Gong, after which he usually ended up lowering his head, afraid of facing the practitioners. He had lost his self-esteem.

Hearing what fellow practitioners said, early on the sticky-bun seller had similar kinds of fear and human notions, but she continually negated it. Now, not a single concept of persecution exists in her head at all. She only thinks righteous thoughts of saving sentient beings.

As I chatted with her, under the influence of her righteous field, I felt my feelings of fear gradually disappear and my righteous field gradually strengthen. When people came to buy her sticky bean buns, I was there to help pass out truth-clarification materials, "Please take it home to read." Some people even said before we spoke, "Isn't it Falun Gong? Oh, good!" Seeing the big changes in sentient beings, I was very touched, "Sentient beings are really awakening, waiting for us to save them!"

Fellow practitioners, take action now! Don't look for excuses because of fear and human notions! Don't disappoint Teacher and sentient beings' expectations! Be like a high level being! Truly be a high level cultivator!