(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Dafa during the first six months of 2004. After three years of diligent Fa-study and cultivation, I understood how fortunate one is to obtain the Fa! We ought to treasure this most magnificent chance that is so hard to come by.

In March 2003, I was diagnosed with heart disease. My lips were purple and my face swollen. I had difficulty walking and felt short of breath. The doctor said that the right ventricle stem of my heart was in bad shape and that I was in danger of losing my life. They put me on oxygen and medication for eight days. I also suffered a headache, was nauseous, and had back and leg pain. My family members were certain that I would become an invalid.

I'm now healthy from practicing Falun Dafa over the past three years. I'm full of energy. From the improvement I experienced, I know how wonderful Falun Dafa is, and I know that it is Teacher who saved me.

It is fundamental for practitioners to have firm belief in and reverence toward Teacher and Falun Dafa. In the summer of 2005, Teacher was cleansing my body. I suddenly suffered great pains. Because of my firm belief in Teacher and Dafa, I was not scared or worried. Instead, I was happy. I knew it was Teacher cleansing my body. It took only a few hours and I was fine by the evening. In the evening I did feel a little bit weak but I still did the exercises. During the second exercise, Teacher let me feel something like tiny elements moving on my front arms. I felt a form of energy. I was very excited and it urged me to diligently study the Fa and do the exercises. I always feel I don't have enough time. One day passes so fast. If I don't study the Fa for even one day, I will feel that I missed something important.

Teacher continues to encourage me and make me stronger. Every time I watched the video of Teacher's lectures, I noticed that Teacher used different methods to encourage me to be more diligent. When Teacher said:

"When a cultivator is able to send out gong, he doesn't have qi anymore--what he's sending out is a kind of high-energy matter. When you look at it with the Third Eye it's a type of light." (Zhuan Falun)

I saw Teacher surrounded by slightly yellow and red lights. Teacher was sending strong white light from his Celestial Eye. My face was covered with tears when I saw this scene. I realized that it was energy from our merciful Teacher. I will act as a practitioner and true cultivator in the future, right up until consummation. I think that every practitioner is the luckiest person in the universe. We ought to have firm belief in and revere Teacher and Dafa. Our Teacher is the greatest Master in the universe.

In April and June 2006, I was hit twice by motorbikes while riding my bike. It was our great Teacher helping me pay off karma.

In April when I was riding my bike, a motorbike sped toward me. I felt a strong force taking me off my bike and depositing me on the left curb of the road. The way the bike hit me, I should have landed on the right curb. It was Teacher who saved me. The basket on my bike was completely flattened, but I was fine. Even passersby could not believe what had happened.

In June a motorbike hit me from behind while I was riding my bike. I was thrown off and hit the ground head first. I felt a strong force holding my head up. My mouth was slightly injured and my feet were scratched. The front wheel of the bike was destroyed but I was fine. I was 55 years old. If this accident had happened to an ordinary person, the result would have been totally different.

There are no words for me to adequately express my gratitude toward our Teacher who saved my life. Although I have been doing truth clarification and Fa-validation over the past three years, there is still a great distance from what I have done and what Dafa requires of us. I still have attachments that make themselves known from time to time. I will work harder, do the three things well, fulfill what I promised in the past, and not disappoint Teacher.

September 21, 2007