(Clearwisdom.net) I am 52 years old and it has been 11 years since I first began practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. Under Teacher's protection and guidance, I have been able to cultivate steadfastly. I know that Teacher has given me the best things in the world. Everything that Teacher asks us to do is the greatest and most sacred. I also realized that in order for us to walk righteously on our cultivation path, we must truly cultivate based on the Fa.

Distributing Truth-Clarification Materials during the Evil Persecution

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, I knew that Teacher and Falun Dafa were innocent. However, I was still confused by some of the lies and propaganda by the CCP. As a result, I did not know how to effectively clarify the truth to people, except by using my own experiences to tell them the wonderfulness of Dafa. At that time, I mostly stayed home to study the Fa and do the exercises, hoping that Teacher would one day help lead me out of the my confusion.

Then one day at work, I heard people talking about Falun Dafa practitioners distributing truth-clarification fliers. I obtained the fliers and read them. They were very well written. The fliers explained what Falun Dafa is, as well as the health benefits and the moral improvements received from practicing. It also exposed the lies fabricated by the CCP's Central TV station. I asked a friend who had access to a copying machine to make some copies for me. However, she refused because she was afraid of the police. Under the red terror, it was not easy for practitioners to meet each other at that time. How I wished to obtain Dafa materials! A few days later, a practitioner came over and asked me to distribute truth-clarification materials with her. I was delighted. Since then, I have been distributing truth-clarification materials in residential areas without letting up.

Gradually more and more practitioners also began to distribute truth-clarification materials. I began coordinating the delivery of the truth-clarification materials from the materials production site to other practitioners. I brought home thousands of copies of truth-clarification fliers and CDs, and then delivered them to practitioners nearby. They in turn distributed them to the residential neighborhoods in the city or villages, to people poisoned by the CCP's lies. In the cold winter or the hot summer, through wind and rain, we have never stopped distributing truth-clarification materials.

Establishing a Materials Production Site at Home

As the persecution of practitioners escalated, the main materials production sites also became a major target of the CCP. To take some pressure off the larger sites, some of us realized that we should set up the materials production sites everywhere. In the beginning of 2002, I began setting up a materials production site at my home. It was challenging in the early stages of getting it set up because of limited finances and we had no experience. However, we persisted onward. I bought a second-hand computer and printer. The practitioner who knew how to access truth-clarification materials on the Internet gave us a thumb drive with all of the materials downloaded from the web. And thus, my home materials production site began! From a person who did not know English or know how to use the computer or even a mouse, I soon developed all the necessary skills needed to produce truth-clarifying materials. Dafa opened up my wisdom. Having the production site at home made it more convenient for us. I could print out truth-clarification materials any time for whoever needed them. Later, I upgraded my older printer to an ink-jet one that was also a lot faster. Since then my material production site operated more efficiently.

Learning How to Get on the Internet and Letting the Materials Production Sites Bloom Everywhere

The Fa-rectification process entered a new era when the Epoch Times' Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party started a wave of Chinese people quitting the CCP. But at this critical moment, the practitioner responsible for downloading truth-clarifying materials and sending in people's declaration of quitting the CCP to the Epoch Times was illegally arrested. None of us knew how to get on the Internet to do that practitioner's job. As a result, we could no longer get the truth-clarifying materials easily. It also took a long time for people's declaration of quitting the CCP to get published. As we needed truth-clarifying materials, I temporarily got them from another materials production site. However, that site could not handle the extra workload. To make things worse, several practitioners told me that the practitioner who was arrested disclosed to the police the name of another practitioner who had been working with me. Thus, the police went to that practitioner's home and ransacked it. That practitioner was forced to leave home and go into hiding to avoid getting arrested. Practitioners suggested that I temporarily store my computer and other equipments at a safer place, which I did.

Looking at my empty home, I felt upset. I calmed down and read every one of Teacher's new articles. I kept asking myself, "Why did this situation happen during this critical moment? Some practitioner got arrested because of his/her own gap, but isn't it also because the group has gaps [for the interference to occur]?" I later realized that we were too dependent on the practitioner who was arrested. Recently, several other materials production sites also depended on that practitioner to download truth-clarifying materials onto the thumb drive for them. Did we become materials production sites everywhere by depending on a single person? When we were all dependent on that one person, the old forces found an excuse to interfere with us. Although we had computers and printers, we could not operate without the source of truth-clarifying materials.

I then realized that in moving the computer and printer to another place, I was complying with the old forces and following their arrangement. I needed to completely reject the old force's arrangement with righteous thoughts and actions. I brought my equipment back home, got a software program from another practitioner and began to learn how to get on the Internet and download truth-clarifying materials.

After some trial-and-error, I was able to do everything by myself. I also became the primary technical support for our area. We continued to share with practitioners who could afford Internet connection to encourage them to learn how to get on the web. Experienced practitioners helped those who wanted to learn.

After a few years, our materials production sites mushroomed and improved greatly. The production sites have truly bloomed everywhere and we are thus able to make our contribution in saving sentient beings.

Don't Be Attached to One's Own Understanding

We need to do the three things well and not have the attachment of doing things. Studying the Fa well is the key to doing the three things well. However, we should not do them just to avoid being persecuted or getting into trouble. We should do everything purely and righteously. Ever since I established the materials production site at my home, no matter how "dangerous" the outside environment seems and how ferocious the persecutors behave, I have never stopped studying the Fa.

Sometimes practitioners held different opinions on certain issues, but that never separated us. Once, the persecutors illegally arrested practitioner A and intended to sentence her to forced labor. With righteous thoughts, she was released on bail for medical treatment instead. Practitioner B's home was a materials production site. He was arrested while distributing truth-clarification materials. As a group, we sent forth righteous thoughts for him for two days and he was released. Immediately after his release, he bought new equipment and continued to produce truth-clarification materials. Some practitioners had different understandings for these practitioners. Most thought that practitioner A was wrong to stay at home to avoid further persecution and practitioner B should look inward before continuing to make truth-clarifying materials. I was asked to pass these suggestions to them.

I thought that it was a good idea to exchange our understandings, and thus went to talk to them. Practitioner A believed that hiding in various places was not the path that Teacher arranged for her. She should not acknowledge it. So she should stay at home. Practitioner B also had strong righteous thought and did not have any fear. He believed that he should continue to do what a Dafa disciple should do and reject the old force's arrangement. I think it is normal for practitioners to have different views. It is good to make suggestions to other practitioners for their benefit, as long as we do not force them to do what we think is the best. It has been several years now and practitioner A still continues to validate the Fa from her home. She does the "three things" very well. Same with practitioner B. His materials production site operates smoothly and he is doing better and better.

Therefore, we as one body are quietly validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

September 25, 2006