(Clearwisdom.net) I have so far been able to overcome the extremely brutal persecution in China with Master's compassionate protection. Master pulled me out of hell, purified me, and gave me the most precious thing in this world and this universe. He helped me find my way home again. Master made me understand the true meanings of human life, this world, and this universe. I cannot completely express my gratitude for Master's immense compassion. The only thing I can do to repay Master is to cultivate more diligently and do the three things well. I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on establishing small-scale Falun Gong material production sites "like flowers blossoming everywhere."

Master asks us to walk the path of "a great way without form." I think establishing small-scale material production sites is a part of such a path that Master arranged for us. In the evil environment in China, especially, only if we do well the three things Master asks us to do, and do them wisely, safely, and steadily, will we be able to better in assisting Master in Fa-rectification and rescuing sentient beings. Master's choice is our choice. As Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, we must walk well the journey Master has arranged for us.

With Master's benevolent protection, I have established a family materials production site. I am able to get on the Internet, upload or download, purchase supplies, make truth clarification materials, distribute materials, and exhort people to withdraw from the CCP. I am able to carry out the tasks of rescuing predestined sentient beings. But examining the past and current state of my cultivation makes me feel that I still have many areas that need improvement. I still have not eliminated my human notions and attachments. I feel ashamed. I have been a disappointment with regard to Master's benevolent salvation and the hope of sentient beings.

After I was released from the forced labor camp in 2003, a fellow practitioner visited me and brought me new clothes and shoes. He said he had sold his house and did not have any problem helping me out. He also said that I should have a computer. I agreed. I told him that I had a little previous experience with computers at work. Although I did not remember the details of how to use them, I thought I could quickly pick up computer skills again. The practitioner later on really brought me a notebook computer. Although it was a little outdated (I have since upgraded the hard drive), it became a powerful weapon to assist Master in Fa-rectification and rescuing sentient beings. Even now this machine still loyally assists me in fulfilling our missions.

Because I have been on the CCP's list of "well-known" Falun Gong practitioners, I am still occasionally fearful of being arrested and persecuted again. I have not been able to truly reach a dignified and upright state. Therefore, when the fellow practitioner first mentioned a computer, I had misgivings and thought, "If the CCP knows that I have a computer, will I be in any danger?" Although I only had this very brief thought, I eliminated it immediately. I thought that the evildoers did not have the right to prevent me from owning a computer. Nowadays so many people own computers. Falun Gong practitioners should have basic human rights, including the right to use household electronics (such as computers). Nobody can touch me!

I no longer feared using "household electronics." Later on I also bought a printer. My small-scale Falun Gong materials production site was thus established.

Although it is called a "materials site," initially I only wrote a few truth clarification materials myself, such as letters, CD truth clarification materials, and some legal documents. I did not think about breaking through the Internet blockade. In fact, it was an attachment to fear. I was afraid of getting onto the Dafa websites. Master taught us, "To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments." ("Lecture One," in Zhuan Falun)

I think that the process of establishing a family-based materials production site is one of us eliminating the attachment to fear and other attachments.

In every link and during each process, I realize that it is a cultivation process for one to eliminate attachments and upgrading xinxing. From preparing the computer to later getting a printer, scanner, and recorder, from applying for an Internet connection to applying for an overseas email account, and from subscribing to the Minghui Daily to breaking through the Internet blockade--it has been a process of eliminating attachments and fear, with every step and every link. It is also a process of eliminating the attachment to self and cultivating an enlightened being's compassion and the responsibilities of a Dafa practitioner for sentient beings.

The CCP has monitored my telephone. My family and my life have been monitored. There have always been agents in front of my house. When I go out, I even have "security guards" following me all the time. Obviously, in this evil environment, if I did not have Master's protection and if I did not have strong righteous thoughts, I would not have persevered and succeeded until today.

After I had gotten a computer, due to the extremely oppressive environment and my own xinxing loopholes, I was unable to immediately apply for Internet access. I only used my computer to type and write articles. To put it another way, my fear made me afraid to go on the Internet to read the truth clarification materials with dignity. I realized that I needed to overcome that state. I knew that as a citizen I have the right to get on the Internet, at least the right to get onto the Internet to read the news. The evildoers have no right to prevent me from reading the news. It is they who are committing crimes. It is not Falun Gong practitioners who are committing crimes!

I eventually applied for Internet access via broadband. Although I did not know then too much about broadband issues and security functions, I merely felt that the process for practitioners getting on the Internet should be smooth and problem-free. Broadband should serve that purpose better. Just like that, I successfully received broadband service and was able to set up my computer following the security setup procedures on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website.

Having set up my computer, I still did not know how to use the Internet blockade-breaking software. My family was very worried about my using a computer and even worried about me getting on the Internet. I calmly and carefully told them, "Reading the news on the Internet is a citizen's right. No one can take my right away." My family then gradually got used to it. Later on they also considered it normal for me to write articles using the computer and read news on the Internet.

Although I had the computer and printer, I was for a while unable to get connected to our Dafa websites. The main reason was my fear. I merely used a hard drive to copy information from fellow practitioners or made some other materials. I was in the state of "asking for help, waiting for help and depending on help from other areas." I made a little improvement before November 2005. I read a fellow practitioner's article on the Minghui website that a family-based Falun Gong materials production site could be established with an overseas email account and software. I thought this was a feasible approach for me. It's legitimate for me to open up my inbox and read my emails. I was only receiving emails, so the evildoers did not have any reason to persecute me. I then applied for a free email account, using the approach the Minghui website suggested. Then, through this account, an email was sent to the Minghui website to subscribe to the Minghui Daily. Fellow practitioners at the Minghui website have fully taken into account the evil environment in China and thus provided for us the safest way to get on the Internet.

About a week later I received the first articles from the Minghui website. I remember that was on November 8, 2005. Since then, every day when I open my inbox, I can read news from the Minghui website. I was finally able to make contact with the website. What a precious and important moment! It was so meaningful and important to me in my cultivation state--to make contact with the website and read it in a timely manner. I felt as if I had found my way home after being lost for so long. I had finally found my family that I had lost contact with for so long. Every time I visited the website, I felt as if I had gone home. I am so grateful to Master for taking me home! I am so grateful to Minghui website fellow practitioners' selfless efforts and contributions!

After the CCP's atrocity of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners was exposed, but especially around "July 20," the Internet blockade was suddenly increased. My inbox was empty for several days. I felt as if I was lost. Later on I realized this was definitely not accidental. Master said, "You should also be clear that 'natural' does not exist, and 'the inevitable' has reasons behind it." ("Expounding on the Fa" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I realized that the evil had been interfering with us. The evil has seen that it's heading for its doom, but it is still exerting last-ditch efforts. Master asks us to completely negate the old forces' arrangements and interferences, and we should absolutely not acknowledge them. I absolutely cannot lose contact with the Minghui website. I cannot be interfered with. I must make contact with the website.

In the meantime I realized that the sudden change in the environment was absolutely not accidental. It was perhaps time for me to raise my xinxing level, to mentally destroy this evil environment and create a new Fa-rectification environment. Perhaps Master was simply waiting for me to raise my xinxing level and bravely remove evil disturbances and obstacles, and create a new environment for rescuing sentient beings. I knew that with Master's benevolent protection, I could and would destroy the evil disturbance. I have the greatest and most benevolent Master in this world and in this universe. I have the most sacred Dafa in this universe. What can stop me, a true Dafa disciple, in this world and in this universe? I send strong righteous thoughts every day: I am Master Li Hongzhi's disciple. I am a Falun Gong practitioner in the Fa-rectification period. Nobody can touch me! All evil and interference will be completely eliminated on my path of assisting Master in Fa-rectification and rescuing sentient beings! Old forces, dark minions, rotten ghosts, evil perpetrators, evil police, and Internet spies are not allowed to interfere with me! I am assisting Master in Fa-rectification and rescuing sentient beings. This is the most sacred and greatest thing in this world and in this universe. If anyone is interfering, they are committing a crime!

At that time I happened to read an article on Minghui Weekly that introduced software that breaks the Internet blockade. I realized it was time to use these Fa weapons. I applied via e-mail to break the Internet blockade. Within a few minutes I received the software that makes it easy and safe to visit the Dafa websites, using a proxy. The software can help us visit the Dafa websites without leaving any trace.

My family-based materials production site was thus established. I completely got rid of the state of "asking for help, waiting for help and depending on help from other areas." I can upload, download, and surf on any website. I have a sense of being effective doing the three things.

In the mighty current of assisting Master in Fa-rectification and rescuing sentient beings, no matter how evil the environment is, as long as we have strong righteous thoughts and we truly believe in Master and believe in Dafa, Master will help us. Everything is up to us, whether we truly believe in Master and Dafa, and whether we can let go of self and let go of the concern for life and death. As long as we have strong righteous thoughts, as long as our wish is in line with the requirements of Dafa and the requirements of Fa-rectification, everything will be successful.

The Fa-rectification is approaching its end, and the Fa-rectification of the human world is just around the corner. In the extremely evil environment in China, establishing small-scale material sites is "like flowers blossoming everywhere," "a great way without form;" it is the path Master arranged for us. It is also the path that is in line with Dafa's requirements and Fa-rectification's requirements. This is also the safest and most effective way. I hope we can walk well the path of assisting Master's Fa-rectification and rescuing sentient beings. I hope we can all do well so we do not have to make Master worried.

While writing this article I felt that this is also a process for to communicate with our revered Master. Deep in my heart there is a voice, the most sincere and wonderful voice: my revered Master, please accept my sincere and deepest respect!