Some Police Only Superficially Follow CCP Orders, Causing the Persecution to Lose Steam

With the arrival of every new year, Chinese Communist officials would always go to local practitioners' homes to "show them how much they cared for them." This year was no exception.

Fellow practitioner Ms. Lao Tian was a government official. She worked for the political and judicial department but was dismissed from her job because she went to Beijing several times to appeal for Dafa and did not give in to the evil persecution. Now she does not even have life's basic necessities. However, no pressure or adversity can change her determination in Dafa. Lao Tian therefore became a target for the Chinese Communist Party to "show how it cares for the people."

This time, two policemen arrived to "fulfill the task." One of them did not even go into her home, while the other one stepped into her home just to have a look around. When he saw Master's photo and Dafa books on her desk, instead of losing his temper and confiscating the books, he smiled at Lao Tian and said, "Lao Tian, we all know that you learn and practice this belief, and we don't care. Also, you are allowed to pay your respects to your Master's photo. When you read the book, you display your Master's photo, but when you do not read the book, could you hide your Master's photo? Do you think that is ok?" Lao Tian did not say anything, and the police did not continue to ask.

As the CCP is discovering, its persecution of Falun Gong is becoming unsustainable. This is evident from the conversation between Lao Tian and the police.

A Company President That Understands the Truth Persuades His Friends to Quit the CCP

The president of a decorating company in Shandong Province understands that Falun Gong is a very good practice that teaches practitioners to be good people by following the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" and to cultivate one's mind to achieve good health. Through her personal and family experiences she has clearly seen what the CCP has been doing and knows that it is an evil organization that has committed countless crimes deserving condemnation.

After she learned the truth, she looked for a practitioner to ask for help to quit the CCP and its related organizations. She also asked to borrow Dafa books, since she wanted to know more about the truth of the practice. Recently she also clarified the truth to one of her friends and helped her friend access the website to quit the CCP. She not only quit the CCP and its related organizations but also chose a beautiful future and saved her friend. She told the practitioner that she would clarify the truth to her family members and other predestined people, and also ask them to quit the CCP.

What Happened When I Sang "Falun Dafa Is Good"

One day I was drying corn by the roadside. I was singing the song "Falun Dafa Is Good." I sang very quietly at first, but my voice became very loud. I didn't know how long I had been singing when I saw passersby on their way home from work, lifted my head, and saw a police vehicle right beside me. There were two policemen sitting inside who had the the door open, listening to me. I asked, "When did you get here? I didn't hear you drive up." One of the officers just smiled and the other one said, "You were just focused on singing 'Falun Dafa Is Good.'"

In the winter of 2004, a bakery had a grand opening celebration. There were performers singing Beijing Opera and Lu Opera, and many people crowded around. I was on my way to do grocery shopping when the performers had just finishing singing. I thought this is was a very good opportunity to validate Dafa and to promote Dafa, so I asked, "May I sing a song?" They agreed, and I went up and began singing "Falun Dafa Is Good." Many people around me smiled when they heard this song.