(Clearwisdom.net) This autumn, Yola made plans to go to his hometown, Altai Krai, to visit relatives. In the Altai Krai border area, the landscape is one of hills, meadows, lakes and mountains. It is rich in forests and mine resources, with sixty thousand square kilometres of forest spread widely. The biggest river (the Ob) is the main waterway for the region. Falun Gong practitioner Yola decided to take this opportunity to introduce Falun Dafa once again to his relatives, friends and associates.

Last year, Yola also introduced Falun Gong to his close relatives. But due to his attachment to family affection and not being compassionate enough, the result was not as good as expected. He looked inwards. Yola realized that he did not study enough and fully understand the Fa. Since human sentiment was involved, it affected the degree and the effect of his clarifying the truth.

One year has passed since then. Besides joining the local group study, Yola also constantly participated in group activities and clarifying the truth in Siberia. He learned to study the Fa and to cultivate by comparing himself with the Fa. His xinxing was gradually upgraded and his experience and wisdom grew. On August 30, 2007, Yola started off to visit his family and clarify the truth, carrying a large amount of truth-clarification materials and CDs that he had paid for himself.

As soon as Yola boarded the train, he started talking to people about Falun Gong. He distributed truth-clarification materials to passengers. The train attendants in some compartments not only read the materials themselves, they also took some for their families. The train soon arrived at a big station, Barnaul, the capital city of the Altai Krai border area. There are five universities and many other schools, thirty-five libraries, five theatres and three museums in the city. Yola delivered truth-clarification materials and books to these organizations. Afterwards, he went to a few local Chinese supermarkets and distributed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Falun Gong leaflets to the Chinese people there.

Seeing a Russian Falun Gong practitioner distributing flyers, Chinese people in the local supermarkets were surprised. Most of the people in the markets were businessmen. Some of them asked, ''Who pays you to distribute these materials?'' Yola replied, ''Nobody gives me money to do this. The money I used to obtain these materials came from my own savings. I have come here especially for you, so that you can understand these fact. I know that you do not have the opportunity to read these materials in China, so it's hard for you to know the facts. Now that you have the opportunity, please just take them to read when you have a moment of free time.''

After he left the supermarkets, Yola went to visit relatives and friends one by one, including his parents, brothers and sisters. He gave them CDs, and demonstrated the five sets of exercises. Some of them were immediately very interested in trying to learn the exercises; some wanted to read about it. He also visited a small city, Rubtsovsk. People living in that city are very tidy and the place is beautiful. It is said that it was the hometown of the former Soviet Union head Mikhail Gorbachev's wife. One little child that Yola met was only eight years old. His celestial eye was open. As he watched the exercise instruction video, he started to follow along with the hand gestures. Later, in the thirty-minute sitting meditation exercise, it was indeed not easy for a little child like him to keep sitting that long. But he did not give up. When he felt too tired, he just took a little rest, and finished the exercise. That was encouragement for the adults who were doing the exercises together.

The area that Yola visited borders both China and Kazakhstan. There are many Chinese supermarkets and Chinese people. This time, these people also had a chance to obtain truth-clarification materials. It was a pity that many schools and libraries were closed because of a school holiday and Yola could not have the newspapers and other materials placed on bookshelves in the libraries as he intended. But he was grateful that the students he met said they would transfer the truth-clarification materials to the libraries.

Yola also made some small exhibition boards and delivered them to libraries and schools, along with displays of books and other materials. He hopes that they will attract more readers.

After he returned from Altai Krai, Yola shared his experiences with fellow practitioners. He said that the Altai Mountains are beautiful and the Altai people's hearts are kind. Such people should obtain the Buddha law. ''Next year I will go again,'' he said firmly and with confidence.

During the past year, Yola has gained a lot from studying the Fa. His xinxing has improved. Therefore, during this long journey, he was not anxious or rushed, but remained patient and calm. He realized his wish to clarify the truth in the Altai Krai region.