(Clearwisdom.net) The evil persecutors have used all kinds of extremely wicked means to persecute Dafa practitioners, who are walking a divine path. Conducting such vicious deeds, the evil ones cannot avoid invoking their own bad returns, and are most afraid of Dafa practitioners' solid and firm belief in Master and Dafa.

One day in April 2004, while a group of practitioners were watching Falun Gong truth-clarifying DVDs, they were reported by someone who did not know the truth about Dafa. A gang of police officers subsequently rushed into their place. Denying the old force's arrangements, the practitioners refused to cooperate with the evil forces. They continued watching the "self-immolation" video. In the end, they were each forced to pay a fine of 200 yuan and then the police officers left.

After discussing the situation, the practitioners believed that they should not have been extorted out of any money because the police did not have the authority to fine or carry out any sort of legal process against Dafa practitioners. Since the practitioners accepted the extortion and paid the money, they were encouraging the policemen to commit such crimes. Watching the truth-clarifying DVDs was a righteous deed. Therefore, they wrote a petition and submitted it to the supervising office of the Provincial Public Security Bureau. The petition asserted two points: 1. The DVD that they were watching was a copy of a CCTV show, "Focal Point Discussion." The practitioners did nothing wrong by watching that show in an attempt to discover the truth of what really happened. 2. They paid the fines, but were not given any receipts. This was a corrupt action on the part of the police. At the end of the petition, all of the practitioners signed their real names, genders and addresses.

After reviewing the petition, the Supervising Office sent their reply to the police department: "Admit your mistakes and return the fines." The practitioners understood that getting their fines back was not their main goal, but saving sentient beings was. However, to avoid losing face, the local police department asked the township government to return the fines. The township government then asked the government of the village to return the fines. The heads of the village government said that they did not understand the real reason for returning the fines. The practitioners therefore refused to accept this response. Hence, the responsibility was transferred back to the township government. Yet the heads at the township government claimed that they did not know the whole story of the issue either, and then the responsibility was returned back to the public security system. Because of this going back and forth, many people learned of this matter. At the same time, the practitioners used this opportunity to clarify the truth to the people. The evil forces were devastated, more people got to know the truth of Falun Gong, and the situation was fully rectified.

One practitioner who firmly believed in Dafa and Master strived to do everything that Master asked of practitioners. Because Master asked us to tell people the truth of Dafa in order to save them, he went to different markets every day to tell people about Dafa and help people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations. He has helped about 1500 people quit, so far, and he has helped people who worked at three local CCP organizations to quit collectively. The public security system was enraged when they learned of this. One police department head took some officers and went to this practitioner's home. This practitioner knew that he was offering salvation to people, which is the most superb and magnificent thing that a person can do. He firmly believed that no other beings could interfere with what he was doing. It would be committing a crime if the police dared to interfere.

The practitioner suddenly stood up and pointed at the policeman who was taking notes. Then he shouted, "What are you doing?" The policeman was startled by his sudden inquiry, and he numbly stood up. The practitioner said, "You all get out. Only the head officer can stay." The policemen seemed to have become confused, and they left. Then he said, "But you have to move 20 meters away." The officers obeyed. Afterwards, he told the police head, "It is difficult to enter your office. Now that you're here, it is just perfect. Quit your evil political party (CCP)..." Hearing this, the head officer said, "We can talk about it later, we can do it later." He then left with the other officers.

Written on August 27