Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003":

"It's about a different and new cosmos, one in which everything's been rearranged--be it the time, the dimensions, the beings, the mechanisms, or the Fa. It's not connected to anything of the old cosmos in any way, and the beings of the old cosmos can't see it. If they could they would surpass the abilities of all Gods. So they're going by the old Fa, following the order of the old cosmos, and doing what they want to do. A lot of things are indeed hard to change. Sometimes I ask them to do certain things and they think it's groundless, so they don't dare to do them. They're just beings of this time period, so they think that that is the right way to do things. When they don't do anything at all, that can be counted as behaving well."

First, I understood that Teacher talked about practitioners who don't participate in the Fa-rectification, so they don't use the Fa to measure themselves. But when I shared and discussed this subject with fellow practitioners, I considered the above-mentioned words of Teacher's and I looked within and realized a deeper meaning. The parts we haven't cultivated well are those that have not assimilated to the new universe's Fa. If we succeed in assimilating to the new universe' Fa, our divine side will adhere to these principles. Yet, our old universe's factors that we have not yet cultivated away also play a role in the Fa-rectification. Teacher asks us to do certain tasks during our Fa-rectification cultivation, but we often hesitate to comply because we believe that we don't understand all the reasons for Teacher's directions. This "hesitation" is actually the same as "not believing without seeing," which is a lower level of understanding. This hesitation is actually hiding the attachment to self, which means we don't fully believe in Teacher and the Fa. I believe that this hesitation is actually the root cause of the continued persecution. The root of it is the attachment of fear.

Whether we can break through this fear and believe in the Fa and Teacher directly affects whether we are denying the arrangements of the old forces, getting rid of fundamental attachments and elevating to the new cosmos. This is the process of changing from being selfish to selfless. Also, it's a process of giving up selfishness step-by-step and assimilating into the Fa without any condition. This will allow us to clarify the truth and save sentient beings more effectively. Actually, Teacher already told us this clearly in the article, "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples."

In the past, I admired practitioners who have very few notions, however, they are not very good at sharing their understandings. Yet, they do whatever Teacher requires. Why am I not able to do this? I truly understand that we need to save sentient beings as soon as possible, but my heart told me that there was no rush to save people until I read Teacher's Article: "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People." Before reading this article I didn't clarify the truth to the various people I met. At that time, I knew this was not a Fa-rectification period practitioner's state of mind. I continued being this way even after sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa. Gradually, I indulged in the pursuit of comfort and sentimentality. Especially grievous was that I didn't join in rescuing fellow Dalian practitioners. I learned recently that those around me who have been illegally arrested or who are being persecuted one way or another had a similar frame of mind.

In Dalian City, many practitioners were arrested. I suddenly realized that this frame of mind prevents us from saving sentient beings in Dalian that have placed all their hopes in Dalian practitioners. We hadn't clarified the truth well. The more time that passes, the less hope there is for those people who are degenerating along with the old cosmos. Aren't all of our notions and attachments blocking the Fa-rectification?

I truly recognize now a Fa-rectification practitioner's responsibility. Through studying the Fa, I was aware that I had not gotten rid of all selfishness. However, I put more emphasis on clarifying the truth and saving people. I thought I did the three things well and participated in truth-clarification projects, but doing these things to protect myself was actually hiding my selfish heart, no matter how I tried to suppress it. This kind of thought can't assimilate into Dafa. This thought is not right. It prevented me from following Teacher's arrangement, no matter how I tried to get rid of this attachment. I still couldn't reach the Fa's standard. It can also be an excuse for the old forces' arrangement to persecute and ruin practitioners.

When I realized this, I corrected my basic thoughts and shared with others, so we would be able to address the root problem troubling the entire body of Dalian practitioners. That day, my every thought was purified instantly. From then on, I knew that I would not be moved by any attachment or wrongly assess the persecution. Even though these notions did not vanish completely, they could no longer block me from saving sentient beings and clarifying the truth. Particularly, I changed my mind about police officers. I knew that they should also be saved, but I couldn't rid myself of holding a grudge against them. When I sent forth righteous thought to eliminate their evil factors, I used to think "eliminate the evil that is manipulating them, so I will be safe." Now, when I think about saving people, my attitude toward police officers has changed completely. I only want to eliminate the evil manipulating them so that they can be saved.

During this process, I suddenly realized that Teacher told us that before July 20 he had already pushed us to our respective positions, and that we had the ability to protect ourselves. During the Fa-rectification, Teacher is no longer testing us and we are no longer doing personal cultivation. If we actively clarify the truth without reservation, we will do well. Actually, many practitioners do well in this respect and change the environment in their areas. Thus, the persecution there vanished, and they are saving many sentient beings. We follow Teacher's arrangement. We don't have any relationship with the old forces' arrangement.

Teacher said,

"Real Buddhas are guardians of the cosmos and are responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos." ("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference" from Guiding the Voyage).

We should cultivate holding this righteous thought. It not only eliminates evil, it is also responsible to the entire body. This means that if we see fellow practitioners' problems, we should correct them.

When we study the Fa, we need to look within at all times. Even when Teacher is referring to the old forces or ordinary people, we should use the Fa to measure ourselves rather than thinking that it has nothing to do with us. Let's not forget that the characteristic of beings in the old cosmos is that they only want to change other people.

Dalian practitioners also need to eliminate the attachment of "suspicion." Lack of trust in each other results in conflicts among practitioners. We should eliminate this partition created by the old forces. In the meantime, we need to cultivate and eliminate the elements that cause problems, such as not being able to tolerate fellow practitioners and not being responsible to the one body. In the areas where there are no major problems, practitioners study the Fa together and share frequently. I once joined experience sharing in another location. I truly felt their compassionate and righteous field. Many of my notions and attachments to fear dissolved like an ice cube in hot water. In that environment, practitioners learn from each other and discover their weaknesses, so the entire body improved and the coordination was reflected in many truth clarification projects. Teacher would like to see each and every one of our local practitioners maturing so we can save the sentient beings in Dalian.

The Dalian practitioners entire body still has shortcomings when looking at Teacher' s requirements. However, if we correct our fundamental problems, clarify the truth without reservation, get rid of our selfishness, unconditionally believe in Teacher and harmonize what Teacher would like to happen, then we will fundamentally improve in our Fa-rectification cultivation. We should use our righteous thoughts and righteous actions to display the Fa's solemnity, sacredness and boundless compassion. This way we are able to save sentient beings to the greatest extent. Teacher has always been protecting and guiding each and every one of us practitioners. Dafa has boundless wisdom and capabilities.