(Clearwisdom.net) In three recent consecutive issues of Minghui Weekly, practitioners talked about how to send forth strong righteous thoughts to immediately end the persecution. This deeply moved me. I constantly communicated with practitioners on how to truly send forth strong righteous thoughts from deep in one's heart.

The day before yesterday my daughter suddenly asked me, "Mom, why do you frown all the time, as if something is disturbing you and you are under pressure?" "Am I really like that?" I asked. She answered, "Yes! A Dafa practitioner should display brightness and peace to the world, but I don't see a bit of that from you. Instead, you always look worried." I wondered, why am I in such a state? I needed to search inward for the reasons.

I then realized that since the persecution started, I have remained in a state of fearing the persecution and always paying close attention to the so-called safety issue. During the past eight years of persecution, this mindset has permeated into every cell of my body, such that I do not even notice it or recognize it. I realize that Master used my daughter's words to give me a hint so that I can rectify myself. If I always fear the persecution, isn't this acknowledging it? If I don't disintegrate the fear from deep in my heart, how can I send forth strong righteous thoughts to end the persecution right away? I realize this kind of state is very serious. I hope that all practitioners who are like me will immediately disintegrate this matter from their fields and rectify themselves so that we can send forth strong righteous thoughts to end the persecution immediately.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.