(Clearwisdom.net) Li Jing, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police officer and the director of the Political and Security Office in Dongliao County Public Security Bureau, Jilin Province, has been involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and their families. The following is a list of some of his crimes.

1. Mr. Liang Yuhua and His Family in Dongliao County Persecuted

In 1999, practitioners Mr. Liang Yuhua, Liang Xinshuang and his wife and two children, and Liang Xinyou and his wife went to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong in Beijing. As a result, they were arrested. Li Jing extorted 1,000 yuan from each of them.

In the winter of 1999, because he performed the exercises outdoors, Liang Yuhua was once again forced to pay 1,000 yuan. His two brothers and their wives had to pay 500 yuan each.

In 2001, Li Jing went door-to-door asking whether people still practiced Falun Gong. Liang Yuhua and his family were forced to pay 500 yuan each. The amount of money extorted reached over 10,000 yuan.

In 2001, Li Jing once again ordered Liang's family to sign a guarantee statement promising to give up the practice. Liang refused. He was consequently sentenced to forced labor for one year. Li Jing and others still frequently went to Liang's house to harass and threaten his family. Liang's children were so frightened that they would shiver when they saw a police car.

2. The Persecution of Practitioner Ms. Cang Anli

In 1999, Ms. Cang Anli was forced to pay 1,000 yuan for appealing in Beijing.
In 2000, she was forced to pay 3,000 yuan because Dafa books were found in her home.
In 2005, with the excuse that "someone reported you for doing such and such," Li Jing sentenced her to forced labor for fifteen months.

3. The Persecution of Ms. Wang Lihong

In 1999, Ms. Wang Lihong was forced to pay 1,000 yuan for appealing in Beijing.

In 2000, Li Jing went to her home and asked her whether she still practiced Falun Gong. When she said that she did, he beat her so brutally that she was bedridden for over two weeks. He also confiscated her family's motorcycle and demanded 500 yuan to return it.

4. Mr. Sun Peng Persecuted

In 2001, Mr. Sun Peng went to validate Dafa in Beijing with his parents. When he returned, Li Jing took him away. Later he was forced to pay a total of 6,000 yuan; 3,000 of it for "expenses" for the trip to Beijing.

5. Guo Xiuqin and Cao Shuqin

On December 28, 1999, Guo Xiuqin and Cao Shuqin were forced to pay 2,000 yuan each due to their beliefs.

6. Mr. Liu Jingrong was Persecuted to Death

Mr. Liu Jingrong is 45 years old. He is a teller at the Dongliao Agriculture Bank. In October 1999, because of his firm belief in Dafa, he was "illegally detained" for one month by Li Jing, Chen Lin, and others from Dongliao County Public Security Bureau.

In March 2000, Li Jing sent him to a forced labor camp for one year. In April 2001, soon after Liu Jingrong was released, his work unit gave him over 4,000 yuan for his salary. After hearing about his, Li Jing sent four policemen and arrested him to extort the money. Liu Jingrong refused to sign and was consequently beaten to near death. Later he was sentenced to two years of forced labor. He was secretly transferred from Liaoyuan Forced Labor Camp to Jilin City Forced Labor Camp, and again transferred to Jiutai Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp, where he was eventually tortured to death.

7. The Persecution Suffered by Mr. Zhang Shunlong and his Family

On the morning of March 26, 2006, Mr. Zhang Shunlong, a farmer from the sixth division of Yanping Village, Liaoheyuan Town in Dongliao County, along with his wife, brother, friends, sister-in-law, and neighbors, went to Dongji Police Division to visit his family members who had been arrested and detained there because of their belief in Falun Gong. On their way there, Li Jing, Song, and officers from the Liaoheyuan Police Station arrested them. Director of Liaoheyuan Police Station Zhang Chuanhong grabbed Zhang Shunlong by the hair and ordered the other officers to beat him. He also struck Zhang Shunlong's head against a bridge pillar. Zhang Shunlong had blood all over his head and face. Several officers put him into the police car, but his legs were still sticking out of the door. The police purposely slammed the door on his legs and broke them. Zhang Shunlong's head dripped with sweat and blood due to the excruciating pain. His wife, Lu Fengling, was also beaten and her nose was broken.

The couple were taken to Liaoheyuan Police Station. More than ten officers interrogated and beat them. At around ten o'clock that morning, Zhang Shunlong fell from the third floor. Police claimed that he jumped from the window and that two people tried to stop him but failed. Please imagine: Zhang Shunlong was handcuffed, his legs were broken, and over a dozen guards were watching him. In addition, the window on the third floor was very narrow. How could he have jumped? These officers cannot escape responsibility, as he died in the police station. He died in the hands of Zhang Chuanhong and other police officers. Most despicable is that they did an autopsy when his body was still warm. On the morning of May 28, he was cremated against the will of his family. Police threatened his wife, "You are not allowed to tell anyone about this. Otherwise, you and your whole family will be sent to a labor camp." Considering their two young children, Lu Xiuling was forced to agree.

Zhang Shunming and Pang Baojun were also arrested at the same time.

8. Practitioners Ma Wenlin and Others

On the evening of June 11, 2006, Weijin Town Police Station sent four police cars and large number of officers (it was said that the Political and Security Office from the county security bureau was also involved) went to the homes of four practitioners: Ma Wenlin, Zhang Shurong, Yang Weixia (all three are from Dongliao County's Fangdi Village), and Che Lianfang from Moujia Village. The officers ransacked their homes and arrested them.

9. Mr. Cui Derong Persecuted

In September 2006, Li Jing led four or five officers to the home of practitioner Mr. Cui Derong. They confiscated all the truth clarification materials. In October, they illegally arrested his wife, Quan Lianhua. They took her to the county public security bureau and forced her to admit that four Falun Gong DVDs were found in her home. The police told her, "One week detainment for one DVD. Four DVDs will put you in jail for one month." Quan Lianhua refused to sign. The police then beat her and she lost a lot of hair during the struggle. Police threatened her that they would put her in a labor camp for one year. She was detained for fifteen days and released only after her family paid 14,000 yuan.

10. The Persecution of Ms. Ai Lihua and Her Family

On the morning of July 12, 2007, Li Jing and Song Guangbo, together with six people from the Baiquan and Anshu stations, including Li Shushen, went to the home of practitioner Ms. Ai Lihua in Yima Village. Without showing any official documents, they searched her home. They did not find anything, but still tried to deceive her into getting into the police car. She refused. The police then dragged her into the car. Her sister was there and protested with other family members. Ai Lihua was able to escape, but they handcuffed her sister, causing her hands to instantly swell. They released the handcuffs only after strong condemnation from her family. Three policemen from Anshu Police Station forcibly took her sister to the Liaoyuan Detention Center and detained her there for five days. They also threatened Ms. Ai Lihua's son that he would be expelled from school.

Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, Li Jing and other thugs have actively harassed practitioners, illegally detained them, ransacked their homes and extorted money from them. They also sent them to labor camps and prisons and tortured some of them to death. In addition, Li Jing collected a list of practitioners' names and addresses who have money and repeatedly extorted large amounts from them, causing tremendous mental and physical damage to practitioners and their families. Li Jing owns a posh luxury car. How can a regular policeman afford a luxurious car?

The above is a partial account of the crimes Li Jing has committed. At present, he and other thugs are still continuing to commit crimes. Justice will be served. Kindness will be repaid with kindness; evil will be repaid with evil. What's ahead for him is justice and punishment based on heavenly principles.