(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners have recently been discussing the idea of immediately ending the persecution. Looking at this issue superficially, it seems that this is merely a difference in understanding among practitioners. In fact, this is not an issue of understanding among practitioners. In my opinion, this is directly related to the advancement of the Fa-rectification. In other words, during the eight years between July 20, 1999 and today, it has always been incumbent upon us to end this evil "test" that is not even acknowledged by this Fa-rectification of the universe. Every practitioner should recognize this from the Fa perspective so we can form strong righteous thoughts: the evil persecution must end. If our understanding does not reach the necessary level from a one-body perspective and our thoughts still stay in the state of opposing the persecution while enduring the persecution, it means that we acknowledge the persecution. The evil will get its space and time to survive with this excuse. This is no different than nourishing the evil specter. I would like to share my understanding with fellow practitioners so we can improve together.

I understand that it is not wrong to end this persecution. However, to do so, the intention of our thoughts cannot deviate. Otherwise, we would be taken advantage of by the evil. In other words, the reason why we want to end this evil persecution is not because we want to improve our own environment. It is because we want to save more sentient beings that are being pulled to the verge of destruction due to the evil lies and high pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Master said: "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation." ("Righteous Thoughts") The sentient beings in China are in great danger. On the one hand, the evil manipulates the CCP evil specter to persecute practitioners by arresting them, sending them to forced labor camps, sentencing them, and taking away their freedom. This interferes with Dafa's salvation of sentient beings. On the other hand, evil forces continue to deceive people by blocking information on the Internet and telling lies via media such as newspapers, radio, and television. It slanders and frames practitioners, fabricating lies and accusing them of all kinds of criminal offenses to incite hatred against Falun Gong. It now tries very hard to block people from withdrawing from the CCP and its associated organizations. Looking at the current situation in China, the evil persecution has become the biggest huddle there for our efforts to save sentient beings.

Because practitioners in China have been persecuted, many people are afraid of the CCP's despotic pressure, and they are afraid of learning the truth about Falun Gong. Some, due to their fears, have even developed doubt and misunderstanding about practitioners. However, many have understood the truth and withdrawn from the CCP, the Youth League and Young Pioneers because of practitioners' eight years of effort. The number of people who do not know the truth is still huge. In order to save more sentient beings, Master has waited and waited. Moreover, we know that with the evil environment in China, the longer it is delayed, the harder the salvation will be. Therefore, we have to end this evil persecution immediately in order to save more sentient beings. Based on this, we need to say "No!" to the old forces' persecution. Let us all send forth strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil old forces' persecution! Help sentient beings understand the truth to make their own choice with a clear mind.

From Master's Fa, I understand that the sentient beings in the human world are worthy of being saved. They came to the human world with godly courage because of their steadfast faith in Dafa and their conviction that Dafa will save them. Let us think about it. If this kind of life is being destroyed easily by the old forces, there would be huge regrets in Master's Fa-rectification. Moreover, it would be shameful for Falun Gong practitioners in the Fa-rectification period who are here to assist Master with Fa-rectification in the human world.

In order to save more sentient beings, the evil persecution must end!