1. Obtaining Falun Dafa

I am 41 years old and a farmer in a Village in Shanxi Province. I am not very educated. Before I started to practice Falun Gong, I was notoriety. I suffered from an acute inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines, inflammation of the prostate and lumber disc protrusion. In order to cure my diseases, I tried various methods and spent a lot of money, but nothing helped. The pain persisted and was not relieved even a bit.

My wife, who is a Falun Gong practitioner, suggested that I learn Falun Gong, but I did not believe anything she said. Because I had been deceived by the lies of Jiang's regime, I was full of hatred for Dafa and abused my wife. However, when I was in the midst of suffering and pain, my wife clarified the facts and miracles of Dafa to me. It took me a while until I understood that Dafa is good. Due to the lies of Jiang's regime, Falun Gong practitioners were being persecuted. I wanted to give it a try and started to practice Falun Gong.

I have been reading Zhuan Falun and practicing the exercises since March 2003. After just three days, the pain in my lumbar disappeared and my other diseases disappeared as well. I was totally convinced by the profoundness of Dafa. I abandoned all my bad habits and became very determined in my practice.

Through studying the Fa more in depth, I gradually understood more Dafa principles. As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I should do the three things well. The following are several miraculous things I experienced.

2. Miracles happened to me

Example 1: One day in the winter of 2003, I took adequate information materials with me and rode my bike to clarify the facts about the persecution. After arriving in a village, I clarified the facts to a person but he didn't believe me. He even cursed Dafa and wanted to report me to the police. I didn't respond and continued walking. When I arrived at a coke plant, I clarified the facts to the workers. They took the materials and listened to me. An officer saw and reported me to the police, but I knew that I had nothing to fear because Teacher and the Fa protected me. I continued to distribute materials.

When I left that place, I noticed that both of the two gates were surrounded by police officers. I asked Teacher to strengthen me and help me to leave. The police chased after me as I rode away from the coke plant. With Teacher's protection, their car couldn't catch up with my bike and I finally arrived home.

Example 2: In the spring of 2004, I rode my bike to a village to clarify the facts to the local people. The township cadre ordered several young men to arrest me and called the police station. Though I clarified the facts to them, I used human notions. I told them that my relatives were living in the village and I asked them to release me. However, they refused to release me and kept me there for about one hour. Later, I enlightened that I had nothing to fear because Teacher and the Fa were by my side. I went to the police station and clarified the facts to them. As a result, the township cadre cut his hand on my bike, and had to go see a doctor. The young men also left. On my way back home, I handed material to two people. After I was walking away about ten meters, the police blocked me with their cars. I left my bike and ran to the river. They chased me and before they were able to catch me, I asked Teacher to help me to freeze them in their tracks and they really stopped as though they were frozen. Then I ran toward the mountain and sent forth righteous thoughts for about one hour. Finally, I was able to easily go back home, but the villains had taken my bike.

Example 3: On August 11, 2005, I was working in a coal mine at night. While I was working on a 2-meter high boring machine, a rivet pole broke off. I fell headlong onto the floor and could not even stand up. At that time, I asked Teacher to help me and I was able to immediately stand up. Even though my head was bleeding, I felt no pain. Several coworkers saw this incident and helped me out of the coal mine. We arrived at a hospital at 3 a.m. A nurse immediately bandaged my head. The wounds were sutured with over 200 stitches. My scalp had suffered trauma and was bleeding, and the optic nerves and scalp nerves were damaged as well. I wanted to leave the hospital after they bandaged me, but the doctor stopped me because he thought my life was in danger. I reluctantly stayed seven days and received transfusions. Seven days later, I returned home after they removed the stitches and no unexpected problems occurred. I completely recovered after a month. I went back to the hospital and clarified the truth to the medical personnel. They said, "This is the miracle of Dafa. If this had happened to a regular person, he surely would have died."

During the past few years, I traveled to mountains and valleys to clarify the facts. Many miracles happened at these times. No matter what season it was, I persistently in exposing the facts every day.

I resolve to walk firmly on the path that Teacher arranged for me, do the "three things" well, get rid off all my attachments and return to my true home with Teacher.