(Clearwisdom.net) The No. 5 People's Hospital in Jiujiang City is a mental hospital, formerly called the Jiujiang Mental Hospital. Practitioner Ms. Jiang Xiaoying was a head nurse at the hospital for more than 20 years. However, she was locked up in the No. 2 Section of the hospital, where she was injected with medication, given pills and had blood drawn, simply because of her belief in Falun Gong. She was deprived of her rights, could not see her relatives, talk to other people, spend her salary or voice her opinions. She was basically denied all the lawful rights of a human being.

This can all be traced back to 1999, when Jiang Zemin's regime began the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Illegal Detention and Forced Labor

Ms. Jiang Xiaoying was placed under close surveillance in July 1999 by the authorities at her workplace's Communist Party organization. Her house was ransacked and she was illegally detained at her place of work. Ms. Jiang Xiaoying was injured during beatings administered by the police officers there.

The director of the Administrative Office at Lao Ke ordered head nurse Zhou, nurse Wu, nurse Mao and a dozen others from the No. 2 Section of the hospital to take Ms. Jiang Xiaoying's Falun Dafa books away on June 10, 2002. Lao Ke reported Ms. Jiang to the police. She was then put into the Jiujiang Detention Center and held there long past her release date. Ms. Jiang managed to escape from the detention center on August 30 using righteous thoughts. Pan Minghua was the former Party Secretary of the Jiujiang City Water Conservation Department and Ms. Jian Xiaoying's husband. He was deceived and coerced by the police and Ms. Jiang Xiaoying's workplace, so he betrayed her. On October 10, 2002, Ms. Jiang was escorted to the notorious Majialong Forced Labor Camp to serve three years.

Ms. Jiang was beaten numerous times while there. The guards there punched her whenever they wanted. Ms. Jiang suffered from an enlarged liver as a result of the severe beatings, and her body was covered with cuts and bruises. The guards even poured scalding hot water on her hands and chest, forced her to eat feces and drink urine, and allowed no washing, no brushing of teeth or going to the toilet for several days. They often ran, dragging her by her hair until she hit the wall. Drug addict Wu Guohua pierced a needle through the fingernail of her middle finger. When she objected, Guard Song Wengang said, "Since you were asleep, how do you know it was she who did it?"

In the biting cold weather, Ms. Jiang was forced to do what the guards called "standing meditation" for 24 hours. Her hands and feet were badly swollen as a result. Drug addicts stuffed shoes and rags into her nose and mouth, saying, "It was Qu Da (head of the prison guards) who asked me to do it!"

The leaders of the hospital asked Ms. Jiang Xiaoying's husband to persuade her to renounce Falun Gong, he willingly committed this shameful deed.

During 2003, drug addicts repeatedly choked Ms. Jiang until she fell unconscious. On one occasion some soft tissue in Ms. Jiang's mouth was cut off and she lost a lot of blood. She could no longer speak. The head of the hospital Yang Chuxi came to see Ms. Jiang and said, "If you can speak, I will release you and let you work."

Ms. Jiang was able to speak again near the end of her three-year term. Her husband Pan Minghua had already found a new lover. He went to the Majialong Forced Labor Camp to force Ms. Jiang to sign divorce papers. Ms. Jiang refused, but a female prison guard named Lin Ling signed Ms Jiang's name on the papers. Pan Minghua handed over her packed clothes to the No. 5 Hospital. He said there was a room left for her and that he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Locked up in the Workplace Ward for Further Persecution

The leading CCP members at the hospital adopted seriously inhumane measures to persecute Ms. Jiang Xiaoying. First, they did not want to go through the formality of terminating her forced labor and then taking her back. They fabricated lies that Ms. Jiang Xiaoying suffered from mental illness. Ms. Jiang was detained for five more months and five days after her forced labor term expired. The hospital gave no reasons for not accepting Ms. Jiang back. The deputy head of the hospital, Director Xie of the No. 2 Section, a head nurse, police officer He of the Security Section and Ms. Jiang's two brothers took her by ambulance to the No. 5 Hospital. Ms. Jiang knew they were trying to trick her, so she refused to get out of the ambulance. They wrestled her to the ground, tied her up with rope and locked her in a No. 2 Section ward. She has been detained there ever since.

Ms. Jiang Xiaoying lodged repeated protests against the persecution and requested to be released immediately. Yang Chuxi, head of the hospital, promised to set her free if the other leaders stopped showing up. They lied to Ms. Jiang's family about "taking good care of her," "arranging her daily life well," and "letting her go back home once they cure her mental illness (Ms. Jiang had no mental illness)." The authorities asked the family to rest assured. Ms. Jiang's elder brother, elder sister, uncle, son and daughter were all very grateful to the hospital leaders. Practitioners went to see Ms. Jiang's family to clarify the truth to them. Her daughter said, "The living conditions there are very good and Mom's workplace has really shown concern for her." Ms. Jiang's uncle said, "Xiaoying still receives 1,000 yuan per month. You can see how well the hospital treats her." However, the practitioners went to question the hospital and were told that she was taken back to her old home in Duchang.

Ms. Jiang Xiaoying has been and is still suffering terrible persecution at the No. 5 People's Hospital of Jiujiang City.

Drugs Used for Persecution

Beginning on November 16, 2005, the No. 5 People's Hospital in Jiujiang City has treated Ms. Jiang Xiaoying, a clear-minded healthy person, as a mental patient. Staff at the hospital gave her injections, forced-fed her drugs and drew blood from her for 50 consecutive days. Since Ms. Jiang resolutely resists the inhumane torture, the hospital staff now torture her at night. Several men and women come to the ward where Ms. Jiang is held every night. They lock the door from the inside and tie up Ms. Jiang. They punch and kick her whenever she resists. They pry her mouth open with a spoon, loosening two teeth, to pour the drugs down her throat.

They also mix drugs into Ms. Jiang's meals and milk. They regularly draw blood from her. Ms. Jiang Xiaoying repeatedly protests and clarifies the truth of the persecution to them. The medical personnel, deceived by lies, have become thugs and murderers for the CCP. A nurse with the surname of Zhou beat Ms. Jiang many times and also encouraged other patients to beat her. Ms. Jiang reported this to the hospital authorities, but the medical personnel lied by saying that Ms. Jiang was beating other people. The nurses often deprived her of meals and said, "It doesn't really matter if a Falun Gong practitioner starves to death."

During the 2006 Chinese New Year, Ms. Jiang's son and daughter went to see their mother. Head Nurse Zhou told them, "If your mom does not renounce Falun Gong, she will stay here forever. What's more, your mom is a mental patient. She will be here for the rest of her life." One of the leading members of the City Health Bureau said some even nastier words to Ms. Jiang's son and daughter. "Your mom has got no house, no children and no husband. What's the point for her to go out? It is great for her to stay here. She doesn't need to work and has got a place to stay."

One of the nurses from the No. 2 Section slandered Falun Gong amongst the patients. "We have a practitioner here who doesn't want her husband, nor her son or daughter. She doesn't want to be married to anyone." Ms. Jiang Xiaoying has always requested the hospital release her immediately. Director of the hospital's general office, Lao Ke, threatened, "If you want to make trouble, we will send you back to Majialong Forced Labor Camp." The nurses of the No. 2 Section often shouted at patients, saying, "Don't talk to her! She is a Falun Gong practitioner."

One day, one of the nurses disclosed the truth unintentionally. "How can they release you? If they let you go, then the director of the City's Health Bureau and the head of the hospital would lose their jobs and we would lose our bonuses." This nurse also explained the issue of Ms. Jiang's mental illness by saying, "The City Justice Bureau determined you suffered from a hidden mental illness." However, not long after, she said, "It was tested and verified by experts from Beijing." In 2005, the local practitioners found Ms. Jiang's husband, Pan Minghua. They asked him to take Ms. Jiang back since they had been husband and wife for so many years, but Pan said viciously, "I will collect her dead body!" Not long afterward Pan remarried. Pan went to other parts of the country to seek treatment for his cancer and died away from home. At the time when Pan divorced Ms. Jiang, he mentioned that he left a place to live for her. However, Pan's second wife Xiong Haidi said, "What house? I bought them all." Ms. Jiang's son and daughter lived in turmoil for 7 or 8 years after their mother was arrested. During this period of time they became apathetic and unconcerned.

Partial list of those involved in the persecution of Ms. Jiang Xiaoying:

Yang Chuxi, head of the No. 5 Hospital, Jiujiang City: 86-792-8578688 (Office), 86-792-8567388 (Home), 86-13907925500 (Cell)
Lu Yushan, Party secretary of the No. 5 Hospital, Jiujiang City: 86-792-8198288 (Home),
86-792-2187623 (Office), 86-13607028565 (Cell)
Wu Hongjun, deputy head of the No. 5 Hospital: 86-792-8215599 (Home), 86-792-2187638 (Office), 86-13979229299 (Cell)