(Clearwisdom.net) Since she began practicing Falun Dafa, my mother has been very healthy, and although we often discuss how to improve xinxing, we have not specifically focused on her physical situation.

One day my mother asked me to sit by her and chat. After talking for a while, I took a Dafa book and started to study the Fa beside her. Soon afterwards, by the expression on my mother's face, it seemed that she was in great pain. I immediately realized that the old forces were persecuting her. Mother then asked me to send forth righteous thoughts. After some time, the situation did not seem to improve. She was having difficulty breathing, and she constantly rubbed her neck and pressed her stomach. Mother's eyes were slightly closed, and her voice was low. I became nervous, recalling those practitioners whose lives were taken away by the old forces. During this emergency, with the distraction of qing (sentimentality), I was unable to calm down to send forth righteous thoughts.

At this point, I realized that the situation was ultimately dependent on my mother herself. So I squatted in front of her and spoke to her aloud, "Mother, please ask Teacher for help! And do not follow the old forces! Please!" Mother understood what I meant, and with difficulty she said, "Yes! Yes!" With those words, miraculously she returned to normal. Her voice came back and her eyes opened, as if nothing had happened. The scene quickly vanished, as if we were just in a play.

After calming down, my mother said to me, "When I felt uncomfortable, I sent forth righteous thoughts by thinking, 'I am a Dafa disciple of Master Li Hongzhi, and I do not allow evil to persecute me.' I also recited the verses to send forth righteous thoughts. From my neck to stomach, it was as if something was stuck there. Breathing was difficult, and it became more and more painful. Things improved a little when you sent forth rights thoughts, but then the pain returned. It seemed that if this continued, it would become quite serious." I was also moved and said, "If we did not have strong righteous thoughts, the consequences would be very serious."

In fact, this was a little unusual since I normally go to another room to send forth righteous thoughts. If mother had not asked me, I would still study the Fa in another room. There would have been no way for me to hear my mother's low voice. I remember Teacher's words, "The old forces made well-ordered arrangements, but I too have done things with much order. "(Guiding the Voyage) The old forces insisted on doing things as they planned, but in fact everything is under Teacher's control! When the old forces wanted to persecute my mother, Teacher helped us so that I was by her side and able to nullify the old forces' persecution of her.

I said to my mother, "Let's study the Fa now. The Fa will break any arrangements made by the old forces." So I took out a Dafa book and read to her. It was "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston." Teacher said:

"Those with good comprehension will know [to think:] 'Since I cultivate what's there to fear? I have heard the Law, I have read the books, and I understand all of the principles. What should I still fear?' It's such a simple and solid thought, but it's actually brighter than gold. He didn't take medicine nor did he see a doctor. All of a sudden he is fine and a major ordeal has been passed and a big piece of karma has been eliminated. "

It was Teacher's compassion that helped us find this paragraph and enlighten about this incident that had just occurred.

Another tribulation came several days later. I was not at home at the time. Mother felt discomfort in her chest, and it gradually became worse. She immediately sent forth strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evils that persecuted her. She thought, "I am a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple, and nothing can impair me." After sending forth righteous thoughts for two hours to eliminate the evil and dark minions, the discomfort disappeared and she returned to normal.

After seeing these events, I feel strongly that when such incidents suddenly come it is very clear whether a practitioner's faith in Dafa is firm. A rock-solid righteous thought is very powerful.

The above are some of my understandings to share with fellow practitioners. I hope each and everyone of us can walk well on the path of our cultivation journey.