(Clearwisdom.net) Over ten years have passed, yet the scenes of Master's lectures in Zhengzhou are still fresh in my mind. Recently, I've read many articles by fellow practitioners remembering Master's lectures. This makes me think that I should also write down the beautiful memories which I've always cherished in my heart. By doing this I can share with fellow practitioners and express my great attitude towards Master.

The Spreading of Dafa - All Sentient Beings Are Looking Forward

June 10 to 18, 1994, Master gave lectures in Zhengzhou.

I registered with the organizer, Qigong Association in Zhengzhou, a month before the beginning of the lectures. Early on the morning of June 10, I went to get my pass. I learned that Master had accepted an invitation to speak publicly about Falun Dafa that afternoon. I was very lucky to attend this gathering before attending Master's lectures.

I arrived twenty minutes early for this special public gathering and the meeting room was already full of people. I found a place and sat down. I had never before been to any meeting room that was crowded while at the same time quiet and peaceful, as this one was. It was an abandoned stadium built in the 1950's, and there was a basketball court in the middle. On each side of the court, there were about ten rows of seats. Everybody was cordially waiting. Master came right on time. People sitting at the back passed the word, "Here comes Master." Everybody stood up and began to applaud. Master is tall and handsome. We could see that, even from far away. When Master walked by me, he looked at me and smiled. Suddenly, I felt a surge of warmth coming through my body.

Master started the lesson as soon as he stood on the podium. There were no cliches or fanfare at all. He first said that he would bring the beauty of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" to the whole of human kind. What he was going to do was to change a rotten apple which should be discarded into a good and completely fresh one. Master said that he was confident in doing this and that it would be successful. Master also told us that it is inevitable that virtue would be elevated, all things would be renewed, and that people with great ambition would obtain the Fa and achieve consummation. He also said that the wide spreading of Dafa would surely purify the universe and the social environment, and would make people understand the principles of Fa and be good, so that they can live well and work to better society.

Master spoke for about three hours. He emphasized that the lectures of Buddha Fa as high as this one could not be held forever. After the lectures in Zhengzhou, there would be another two lectures in Jinan and Dalian. Then (1995), Master would travel to give lectures around the world because people from all races and countries should be saved. The lectures that would be held outside China would not be the same: Master would only teach the Fa. Therefore the disciples who attended the lectures today should cherish what they had obtained.

During the report, we gave Master long applause again and again. A representative from the Association of Qigong of Zhengzhou and one of the persons responsible for holding the forum expressed their gratitude to Master. They thanked Master for bringing local people and society the beauty of Falun Dafa. They also wished the lectures would be a great success. They said that they were very touched, but also sorry that such high level qigong lectures, which had attracted so many people, were being held in this discarded, old style stadium. They announced on the spot that after two days the lectures would move to a new stadium.

On June 11, the Dafa lectures officially began. More than 1400 people attended. There were people from all over the country. Among them were more than 110 from Zhengzhou, about 90 from Henan Province, more than 300 from Shandong Province, more 300 from Hubei Province, more than 100 from Hebei Province and more than 200 from Beijing. There were also people from Guizhou, Hong Kong and other Provinces and regions. There were people of different ages, from all walks of life. Everybody gathered together to obtain the Fa.

Many students had followed Master for many lectures. They were entitled to pay reduced tuition fees. I learned from these veteran practitioners that some of them had followed Master and attended six or seven lectures already. Some of them had even attended ten lectures. Some had all of their family members of three generations follow Master to each and every lecture. Those people even brought cooking utensils with them. Everybody was so happy. It was very touching to see such a scene. I had the feeling that I had found a new land, and thought that I was extremely lucky to be able to attend this lecture.

At 8:00 every morning Master would be present on the podium, exactly on time. Master spoke at a steady speed in a clear and resonant voice. Master had no notes yet he never stopped during the lectures, as if he was reading and explaining a heavenly book of extreme high level which all the people were yearning for.

What Master talked about was so new to me. All of us were attentive, as if everything had disappeared except Master's voice. After the first lesson, I was going over what I had learned. I finally understood that Master's ability and mighty virtues couldn't be compared with any others in this world. The Fa that Master had taught us could never have been taught by anybody else. Thus, I made up my mind: I would listen carefully, cultivate steadfastly, assimilate to Dafa and reduce detours on my path of cultivation.

After June 12, I changed my daily schedule to doing exercises by myself in the morning and attending Master's lessons at 2:30 in the afternoon. Every day, Master would have a lesson of more than two hours with 15 minute breaks in the middle. If it was a Sunday, there would be lessons in both the morning and the afternoon. Master said that many people needed to work and it wasn't easy to ask for a leave. I felt that Master was so considerate for his students and I was very grateful. On the first day, we began to learn the five sets of movements. The first set on the first day. The next day we reviewed the first set and learned the second set. After five days, we had learned them all. Every day when teaching us the movements, Master would ask two younger practitioners to show us the movements. He would then walk among us to adjust our movements and to check the state of cultivation very carefully.

June 12 was the last day to have the lectures at the old stadium. It was a fine day. After the lesson began, Master first introduced the contents of the lesson of that day. Suddenly he said, "I noticed that many of the disciples have ailments. Now I am going to heal your ailments. You can think in your mind of the illness that you have, not too long, only half a second will be ok." I didn't react then and couldn't think of any illness in myself. I was only wishing that my mom's eyes could be ok. Master asked us to follow his command to stamp our feet three times (male left, female right). Master said, "Maybe some of you didn't hear what I said just now. We can do this again. Think of the ailments that you or your relatives have." I still thought I wanted my mom's eyes to get better.

After everybody sat down, Master began his lectures. About forty minutes later it suddenly became dark. Then there came the strong wind and a thunderstorm. Hail 2 cm in diameter smashed through the broken windows and flew everywhere, and the lights went off. The rain was pouring on the roof. People sitting beside the windows began to move. At this moment Master asked us to calm down and the meeting room became quiet again. Then we saw Master standing there still. After a little while he waved his hand in the air. All of a sudden, all the lights were on. This was unbelievable. It was raining so hard with such a strong wind. The thunder and the lightning came one after another. Who could repair the electric circuit in such bad weather? In between the big noise of the thunderstorm and the hail violently hitting the roof, I saw that Master did a fast and beautiful movement with his hands as if he was catching something. He then put this thing in the beverage bottle and put the cap back on. I saw that the bottle was hopping on the table. It seemed that Master said something. Then pressed the bottle with His hands. The bottle was no longer moving. All at once, the thunder and the lightening stopped. So did the wind. Now you could only hear the sound of the rain. Master then said calmly, "The class now begins." Master's voice resonated inside the stadium, eliminating all the interference. Gradually the sky outside the stadium began to become clear. Master's teaching drew forth applause again and again.

When the class ended, it was nearly 5:30. Walking out of the door, I found the air was extremely fresh. The rain drops from the sky made me feel so relaxed and happy. By the roadside and in the corners of the walls there were piles and piles of hail which had not melted completely. The ground which had been washed by the big rain was especially clean. The weather report had said that it would be a fine day. Yes. Look at the clear sky. It seemed that nothing had happened.

In that day's lecture, Master had removed many bad things for disciples. The demonstration of the interference in our dimension was quite powerful. After the lecture, I took a bus to cross the Yellow River to the north. I saw that on each side of the road all the trees, big and small, were broken off one meter above the ground. In fact when I was in the bus I didn't see any tree that was left intact.

On the afternoon of June 19, I went to my brother's house to visit my mother who was in her 80's. The moment I stepped in the door of the yard, I cried out, "Mother, are your eyes better?" Mother was sitting in the chair. She said, "yes." I stood four or five meters from her and asked her to count my fingers. She didn't miss. I asked her, "It is 10 days since your eyes are getting better, isn't it?" Mother said, "not that long." I thought again, she was right. I walked to my mom and said, "I asked Master to heal your eyes." Mother said, "Your Master must be Buddha? Then why is he so powerful?" I took the book Falun Gong out of my bag and opened the book and showed my mother Master's picture. Mother said, "Your Master is so young. He is so kind-hearted." When I took back my book, my mother didn't want to give it to me. I said "you don't even know one word, how could you read?" Mother said, "This book has energy. This is a precious book. I will keep it and ask your sister-in-law to read for me." Mother has always believed and respected Master. In her later years she has benefited greatly from Dafa.

Master Genuinely Guided People to High Levels.

On the third day we moved to the new stadium which was spacious and bright. The acoustics were so good that you could hear clearly no matter where you sat. Master taught us Fa. This had never been done before. Heaven and the earth changed. Master used the highest Fa of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" to wake up all the sentient beings who had already fallen into hell. Master told us clearly that we fell from higher levels. The lower we fall, the more lost we are and the more sins we have. If it was not for Master teaching us Dafa to save us, none of us could return to heaven again. Master said that he would explain the principles of high levels in ten lessons. Only in this way could we cultivate. He also taught us that the most important thing of Qigong practice was to cultivate one's xinxing, that is to look inside yourself to find the defects. "Cultivation depends on the efforts of the individual while transforming gong is done by the master." (Zhuan Falun, Translated by US Practitioners, 2000) Master told us that the power that he had sent out was very strong. Experiences had shown that giving all the lectures in seven days was too short. Some people's reaction was too strong and they couldn't bear it. In order to save everybody's time, giving the lectures over eight days was the best. It couldn't be shorter. Master said that many years later, you would find that in the place where Master had taught Fa even the walls would have strong energy.

During the lectures, Master gave genuinely cultivating practitioners many many things. Of course practitioners should believe in Master and Fa. That's the first thing. Practitioners should have the wish of cultivating to high levels. This thought is the most important and precious. What Master required was practitioners' determined mind of obtaining Fa and achieving Consummation. What Master has given to practitioners is the Law of the Universe that all the practitioners in the whole history wanted to know but never were able to. "whoever enlightens obtains. " (Zhuan Falun)