(Clearwisdom.net) One day, I wondered what it would look like if a big weeding-out were to occur. As soon as I had this thought, a terrifying scene appeared right in front of me. With a gloomy sky and darkening earth, so many dry corpses floated in the sea that they covered up its surface. Innumerable human skulls were stacked like a huge sand dune. I didn't dare to look anymore and my heart was filled with an indescribable feeling of horror. I felt very heavy. I shouted in my heart: "Those of you who are still persecuting Falun Dafa, or keeping silent while watching the persecution because you've been fooled by CCP lies, wake up! Choose a better future for yourselves than this!"

Once, we gathered eight practitioners together near a detention center to send forth righteous thoughts. As soon as I became tranquil, I saw something that looked like a gray sailboat, as big as a three- or four-story building. Many black villains pushed it towards us. I told my fellow practitioners about this situation, and together we sent out our gong towards it. Our gong was like ten thousand arrows firing at the sailboat and it immediately dissolved. I then had the thought that my main spirit should enter the detention center to send forth righteous thoughts. Immediately, I saw a part of the brick fence of the detention center fall down and a giant wicked dragon roll out from behind the broken wall. I mentioned this to my fellow practitioners, and we sent out our gong together toward the dragon. It rolled over twice and its head and body dissolved.

Next, a monster like a rhinoceros slowly came towards us. We sent out our divine gong to eliminate it, yet it took us seven or eight minutes to extinguish it. Another monster appeared with a huge bloody mouth. It had elephant-like teeth forming a circle in its mouth. The monster attempted to swallow us. Together we sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher to strengthen us. The monster then slowly dissolved; however, another wicked dragon head appeared right in front of us. This time we asked the righteous gods in the cosmos to help us, and we quickly eliminated it too. Following this, we eliminated some evil beings that looked like vultures. It took us fifty minutes to finish the entire process, and only then did the environment of the detention center in the other dimension become clean and bright.

After we send forth righteous thoughts near places where Dafa practitioners are imprisoned (jails, forced labor camps, detention centers, brainwashing centers and other places) I always discover that within my own world, the hills are greener and the water is clearer, all things have changed from old to new and the great accomplishments are countless. I also see that my own world has expanded more and more.

In late June 2007, after sending forth righteous thoughts with fellow practitioners near one of these places, I returned to my home and sent forth righteous thoughts again. I saw a magnificent scene with my third eye: Inch tall, golden grass covered the earth, and innumerable people wearing ancient, royal and noble robes neatly and separately lined up on two sides. On top of some people's heads were gathered big flowers. While holding their hands before their chests and bowing deeply, they shouted together : "Greetings to our great king." There were immeasurable, countless people lined up, the lines reaching to the horizon. I was frightened by the scene and thought: "Are they talking to me?" I sensed that I didn't see clearly. With this thought, the whole scene that I just saw repeated again and this time it was broader and clearer than the last time. Although I didn't finish watching the scene, I still couldn't stop my tears from flowing down. "How well do I cultivate?" I asked myself. I knew there was a big gap compared to those fellow practitioners who were more diligent in their cultivation practice. I also knew that I fell far short of meeting the standards of Teacher's requests. During the course of my eleven years' cultivation, I had been persecuted and forced to leave my home.

Teacher said in his article "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital" :

"You can never see the side that has been fully cultivated. That side has become divine, and only the side that hasn't been fully cultivated shows itself. But those people are truly cultivating. They are not only cultivating, they have already established their own immense Attainment Status and gigantic changes in their entire bodies, with many parts of their bodies having been cultivated into gods." (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital, July 22, 2006)

Teacher's words gave me lots of confidence. I always wanted to write my experiences to share with my fellow practitioners, but I also feared that I might not do it well. Today, I write this article to encourage those who have been unable to walk out of their homes to validate the Fa and those who haven't been serious about sending forth righteous thoughts. Our efforts are far short compared to what Teacher gives us. I hope that when Fa-rectification is over we will not leave with regrets!