(Clearwisdom.net) On February 12, 2007, police from Jilin City State Security Division arrested Ms. Mu Chunhong, a practitioner from Huadian City, Jilin Province. Ms. Mu was sent to the Police Dog Training Base in Yueshan Road, Jilin City, Jilin Province, where she was tortured. After that she was sent to Jilin City Detention Center.

During her time in the detention center, Ms. Mu went on hunger strikes to protest the persecution. The police brutally force-fed her with cornstarch broth, telling others that it was pork bone stock and milk. They also force-fed her a concentrated salt solution. Ms. Mu held hunger strikes three different times, with each time lasting over a month. Once during the first six days of her hunger strike, the tube used for the force-feeding was left in continuously. She had difficulty breathing and it was very painful. The police also force-fed Ms. Mu with unknown drugs, which caused her to have headaches in the afternoon, and her consciousness and memory became unclear.

Ms. Mu has been detained in the Jilin City Detention Center for more than four months. Under this harsh environment, along with the long-term torture and the mental pressure, Ms. Mu has become very weak and is in pain all the time with constant headaches.

Contact information of personnel involved in the above case of persecution:

Chuanying District Police Department in Jilin City: 86-432-6962999, 86-432-6962900, Fax: 86-432-6962990

Xiangyang Police Station in Jilin City:
Guan Haifeng, Director: 86-13704308779(Cell)
Meng Yu, Associate Director: 86-13844233767(Cell)

Jilin City State Security Division:
Sun Yanhong, Chief: 86-432-6962911, 86-13304424877(Cell), 86-432-2021680(Home)
Liu Jianhua, Instructor: 86-432-6962924, 86-13844614822(Cell), 86-432-4835886(Home)

Jilin City Criminal Police Division:
Liu Fengjun, Party Secretary: 86-432-6962987, 86-13844239366(Cell)
Liu Xiaoyu, Associate chief: 86-432-6962918, 86-13019257777(Cell), 86-432-2059988(Home)
Wang Tao, Associate chief: 86-432-6962996, 86-13304403390(Cell), 86-432-2575345(Home)
Jiang Lin, Associate chief: 86-432-6962995, 86-13904400917(Cell), 86-432-4663008(Home)

June 27, 2007