(Clearwisdom.net) The following are accounts of the persecution met by Dafa disciples in Tanbu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province.

Zhang Xianxin's Family

Zhang Xianjin is a Dafa disciple from Kanjiazhuang, Tanbu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province. Since obtaining the Fa in 1997, Zhang has benefited tremendously both physically and mentally. Zhang's wife recovered from stomach ailments after practicing Falun Dafa.

Since the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, Liu Zhimin, the Secretary of the Party Council in Tanbu Town led many others to viciously persecute many practitioners.

In late 1999, Zhang's family of four traveled to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, and was arrested by the police. They were taken to the Mengyin Bureau in Beijing named "Yimeng Hostel", where police brutally beat them up and asked them whether they were still going to practice Falun Gong. When Zhang Xianxin said, "Yes I will continue." the policemen replied viciously, "If you practice any more we'll throw you off of the building!"

Afterwards, Zhang was transferred to Tanbu Town. Under the instigation of Meng Qinglong, a group of henchmen including Zhao Jian, Kan Shicang, Gong Xuefeng, Zhang Jiazhao, Tian Yongzhong, Zhang Minglei, Song Bingjiang, Gong Piwu, Bu Fanwei and Wang Jiquan, beat up Zhang with wooden clubs and their fists. Zhang was prohibited from sleeping and was forced to bend his body to its extremity.

Zhang was also forced into a brainwashing center for more than five months. His house was broken into and ransacked. Zhang used to have 95 long-haired rabbits at home, but they were all stolen by the authorities and divided amongst them. They also took away more than 2,000 pounds of wheat, a TV set, and illegally fined him18,000 yuan. Zhang's wife was unable to withstand the persecution mentally or financially. Her prior health problems recurred and she passed away.

On every so-called sensitive date, the authorities would go to Zhang's home to harrass him. On September 28, 2003, Liu brought more than twenty thugs to arrest Zhang. Zhang refused to submit and jumped down from the upper level. His back and legs were damaged and he could not get out of bed for more than five months.

Song Bingmei Nearly Loses Her Life From Brutal Force-Feeding

Dafa disciple Song Bingmei is from Kanjiazhuang Village, Tanbu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province. After beginning to practice Falun Dafa in 1997, she led a very healthy physical and mental life.

In late 1999, Song traveled to Beijing to speak up for the truth about Falun Dafa. However, she was arrested by plain-clothes policemen and taken to the local police station. Later, she was brought back by the Mengyin Public Security Bureau and was illegally detained at the detention center. A month later, she was detained again. Meng Qinglong,Pan Yushan, Wang Jianqing, Yu Huazeng, Hu Yanfu and others grabbed Song's hair and pinned her down on the floor while brutally beating her. After they got tired, they began using broomsticks until the brooms broke into pieces. Later, Song was blackmailed for 6,000 yuan in cash.

The authorities set up a "transformation" class in town lasting six months and not only did they force Song to attend, but Song's family was also forced to accompany her. Once, when they failed to turn up due to rain, they were fined 100 yuan.

In Spring 2001, Pan Yushan, Miao Shuzheng and Wu Gang broke into Song Bingmei's house and ransacked the entire place. Song's Dafa books were also taken away. Song was abducted to the police station where she was beaten up, tortured, and she was extorted out of another 3,000 yuan in cash.

In Fall 2002, Song traveled to Beijing once more to appeal to the government. However, once she arrived in Beijing she was arrested and taken to the Public Security Bureau in Beijing by a few plain-clothe police. Three days later, she was transfered to the Xicheng Police Station where the police brutally beat her up leaving her mouth and nose bleeding profusely. Twenty days later, she was transferred to the Hebei Labor Camp. The prison police beat her up brutally and used electric batons to shock her. Song's entire body was injured and did not recover for months.

Later, Song was illegally sentenced to three years of imprisonment and sent into the Jinan Labor Camp. In order to achieve "transformation", the police used all sorts of inhumane torture methods on her including not allowing her to sleep, refusing to give her food or water, tying her up on the Deathman's Bed (torture method), prohibiting her from going to the bathroom, forcing her to stand for long periods of time, cuffing up her hands and legs, imprisoning her in an isolated dark room etc. Song tried to go on hunger strike to protest against the persecution and was brutally force fed. The police inserted a plastic tube down her windpipe and Song almost died from the torture.

Perpetrators of the Persecution in Tanbu Town:

Party Secretary Liu Zhimin, Party Secretary Li Peixin, Party Deputy Secretary Gong Fangzhen, Town Mayor Yuan Junhai, Deputy Mayor Meng Qinglong Main Culprits: Tanbu Town Party Organization Council Member Pan Yushan, Zhang Qian, Sun Jifang, Zhao Jian, Zhang Jiazhao, Tian Yongzhong, Wang Yanfeng
Accomplices: Zhang Minglei, Gong Yanpeng, Gong Weidong, Yu Huazeng, Gong Piwu, Gong Xuefeng, Wang Youfu, Kan Shicang, Shen Yueyou, Kan Jizhong, Wang Mingjun, Wang Jianqing, Zhang Huadong, Sun Chao, Zhao Dong, Liu Zhen, Hu Yanfu
Tanbu Town Police Station: Chief Wang Jiquan, Deputy Chief Li Qiang, Instructor Yi Yongtao, Policemen Bu Fanwei, Miao Shuzheng, Wu Gang

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