(Clearwisdom.net) Since early June 2007, policemen in Sanhe, Hebei Province have illegally arrested many local Dafa practitioners. They use force to obtain their signatures, fingerprints and photos.

On the afternoon of June 4, 2007, Yang Anle and Yang Xizhong with more than ten policemen from Nancheng Police Station broke into a photo studio on Dingsheng St. operated by Mr. Meng Zhaomin and his wife. They abducted practitioner Meng Zhaomin, and also took a recorder, audio tapes, Falun Dafa books, and recordings. Two days later, Yang Anle and some other police officers went to the photo studio and asked for Mr. Meng's clothes. They said he had been sent to the Langfang Criminal Detention Center (known to be a brainwashing center).

On June 18, 2007, Mr. Meng's wife went to the Nancheng Police Station to inquire about her husband. Police said he would be released the following day and she should wait at home. She asked where her husband was detained and a policeman said he was in the local detention center. She believed this, and thought that her husband had not been sent to Langfang. On the following day, she and some relatives went to the detention center to pick up her husband. The detention center said they could release him only if officers from the police station came. Meng Zhaomin's wife then went back to the Nancheng Police Station, but they denied that her husband would be released and asked her to go to the Law Section. The Law Section told her to go to the detention center.

Mr. Meng's wife found out that her husband's case was under the control of the National Security Team. After many difficulties, she found Yang Anle, who had arrested her husband. Yang Anle said that Mr. Meng was detained at the Langfang Criminal Detention Center. Later Meng Zhaomin's wife figured out this was not right, because administrative detention should not exceed fifteen days, and from June 4 to June 19 was already fifteen days. When she went to the National Security Team office to look for Yang Anle, he tried to avoid her.

An investigation has proven that Mr. Meng Zhaomin was detained in the Langfang brainwashing center. People in Xinji Town government had designated two "teaching assistants" to watch over Mr. Meng. Some police officers told his wife that his family could not meet with him during his "brainwashing."

Mr. Meng Zhaomin's wife had to take care of the photo studio and their three children. It is during the period of harvesting and sowing in Meng Zhaomin's hometown, so no one has time to help them.

Many more arrests have been made since June:

On June 4 and after, in Juyang Town, there were many cases of arrest attempts. Dafa practitioners were pressured to sign something, or their fingerprints and photos were taken against their wills.

On the afternoon of June 4, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent a group of people to Mage Village, Juyang Town, and intended to arrest an older female Dafa practitioner. Because her family resisted strongly, they were not successful. Some Village Committee members in Lange Village, Juyang Town, went to the home of Dafa practitioner Wei Shuxia, and asked her to go to the Village Committee. Wei Shuxia arrived at the village committee and it felt abnormal. She escaped quickly.

Policemen in Yangzhuang Town went to the home of Liang Guixia, a Dafa practitioner, and claimed that they needed to reissue an ID for her, and wanted to take photos of her. But they were refused by her family.

Policemen in Liqi Town went to the homes of many Dafa practitioners, forcing them to sign documents. Many people came in two cars to the home of Dafa practitioner Ms. Tang Ruizhen. Ms. Tang was not home, so they could not arrest her.

On the afternoon of June 19, 2007, two cars went into the Sunshine Community. Many plainclothes policemen from National Security went upstairs and knocked on the door, planning to arrest Dafa practitioner Mr. Guo Song. Practitioners who learned of this situation sent forth righteous thoughts together. Mr. Guo and his mother opened the window to clarify the truth to the residents. People gathered into a crowd, and then the police car went away.

Principal people who are responsible:

Deputy leader of the National Security Team, Yang Anle: 86-316-3119626 (H)

People in related departments:
Deputy chief of the 610 Office in Sanhe City: 86-316-3210182 (H)
His wife, Ma Qingrong: 86-13931660258 (M)
Leader of the National Security Team, Zhao Fugui in Longwan, Xinji: 86-316-3553666
Police station office in Juyang Town, Sanhe City: 86-316-3119157
Director of the police station, Zhao Jun: 86-316-3215916 (H)
Deputy director of the police station, Wang Jiesheng, 86-316-3119166 (H)
Deputy director of the police station, Ma Zhixing, (in charge of persecuting Falun Gong mainly), 86-316-3156856 (H)