(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. He was a civilian of Chu State in ancient China. He accidentally came to own a piece of priceless jade. He wanted the precious jade to be seen and appreciated by the entire world. He also knew that uncut jade rock such as his was without parallel in the world; if finely designed and carefully carved by an expert who could recognize the uniqueness of the jade, it could become a remarkable jade artifact. Based on this, Mr. He offered the jade to the king of Chu State three times within 10 years. The king did not believe that the seemingly ordinary rock was a piece of precious jade, so he eventually cut off Mr. He's feet as punishment. Mr. He cried under Chu Mountain for three days and nights until blood came out of his eyes. The king was touched. He finally sent an expert to carefully carve the stone, and it became the famous "He Shi Jade" that was treasured by people for generations.

Mr. He's persistence and kindness resulted in the He Shi Jade, a national treasure. It can be said that he lived his entire life for this jade. This is comparable to Dafa practitioners doing the three things, especially in truth-clarification and saving sentient beings. Teacher asks us to save all beings in this evil and poisonous world. Teacher has also said again and again that today's human beings all came from higher levels, so they should all be saved.

We are Dafa disciples. After years of cultivation, we already know that Dafa is the foundation for all future beings. If a person cannot correctly recognize Dafa, he or she will be faced with the fate of elimination. When the Chinese Communist Party started viciously attacking Dafa, it deceived the world and prevented people from seeing the beauty of Dafa. In the face of such evil motives, how well have we done? Mr. He was just an ordinary person, yet he was able to persist for 10 years trying to convince people of the preciousness of the He Shi Jade. We are Falun Dafa practitioners. We are lives created by Dafa. We should be doing better. Facing the evil, we should be unmoved, like diamond. Facing sentient beings, we should have benevolence in our hearts.

Above are a few personal understandings. Fellow practitioners, please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.

July 4, 2007