(Clearwisdom.net) Instigated by Jiamusi City Political and Legal Committee (Heilongjiang Province), Jiamusi City National Security officers arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Cui Shengyun on May 19, 2007 and brutally tortured her. Her head was severely beaten. No visible cuts or bruises were apparent on her body because she was forced to wear a thick black plastic helmet each time she was beaten. Ms. Cui could hear the voices of both men and women while she was being beaten. The women were particularly cruel.

Ms. Cui Shengyun was tortured this way for several days. After her condition approached the brink of death, she was taken to Jiamusi City Detention Center on a stretcher. The guards at Jiamusi City Detention Center refused to admit her because they were afraid to take responsibility if she died. The detention center was forced to accept her after negotiations reached a stalemate lasting more than one hour.

It is thought that the reason the detention center was forced to accept her was because the police had posted on the Internet a warrant to arrest Ms. Cui Shengyun. By this time Ms. Cui was in a coma. She was unaware that she lay in the filth of her own menstrual blood and urine. She sporadically spoke out in a weak voice, "Don't beat me. Don't beat me," while her body twitched and convulsed.

Ms. Cui Shengyun was placed in a cell the night that she was admitted to the detention center. The cell mate vehemently requested that the police take her to the emergency room because of her critical condition. The detention center took her to hospital on stretcher after a prison doctor from Jiamusi City Detention Center went to see her.

After receiving emergency room treatment for approximately twenty-four hours, Ms. Cui Shengyun's condition seemed to stabilize. She continues to be in a very weak condition and has only recently been able to sit up. She is unable to eat without vomiting and has no appetite.

Jiamusi City National Security Bureau:
The chief: Jiang Haitao (male)
The deputy chief, who is in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners: Zhang (male, first name unknown)
Special Assignment Department (Special Agent Department), 86-454-8686683
Jiamusi City Detention Center, 86-454-8519599
The Deputy Head Office, 86-454-8517766
Prison Management Section, 86-454-8518599